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The atheist who came to naught

By Holger Nilsson

The journey continued - Simon Ådahl

Read the fascinating event for which the atheist and his denial came to naught.

We share here a paragraph from the new book by Simon Ådahl entitled The journey continued.

The atheist who got to meet God's power. The troubled man was critical of everything that was presented to him on the day of the seminar about the gifts of the Spirit. He was more or less your wing of his wife, who was a member of the congregation that we visited in Finland. Assembly members had namely, respectively, received an assignment to invite an unbelieving acquaintance or friend of the seminar.

I was there along with Örjan Armgren, my neighbor who has traveled with me in the country's churches for many years, and Bertil Dolfen, active in Evangelism Fund and strongly burning to spread the message of Jesus in Sweden in places where "ordinary" people gather, thus, in places where the churches' message often does not reach. I and Örjan began by telling what happens when you use the gifts of everyday life, the transformation and change that takes place when speaking out prophetic greetings to strangers.

When our passports were over, it was time for a coffee break. I ended up next to the say the least, skeptical man. He was not happy. "My wife has read your book The unexpected journey for me"; he muttered. "It is a pure storybook. You've made it all up! "I almost put my coffee in his windpipe. "Really?" I replied. "But in the book I mention friends and relatives. I would not then have it pretty in hot water if they were in a storybook? They would never accept it! "This did not convince my neighbor. "I do not believe a single word in the book," he grunted on. "I only believe in science!"

I ended up on the defensive. "Should I call some of these people who are in the book so they can tell what is true or not?" I tried. The man shook his head. "No, I do not believe a single word in the book." Our common coffee break was somewhat strained, and as soon as I drank from my cup, I went at me and thanked for the company. What a nasty coffee break, I thought, and went into the church for the next pass. Now it was Bertil's turn to teach about prayer for the sick. He went up on stage and asked a question: "Is there any of you who want to learn how to pray for the sick?" A lot of people came. Mostly young people were keen to try out and learn to pray for the sick.

Once all volunteer intercessors stood in front of the stage asked Bertil: "We have to practice this. Is there anyone in the audience who are suffering from diseases and ailments? We need you to test this with prayer. "A long line of people stood in line at the church aisle.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the skeptical man standing there with his wife. He looked in my direction and I caught, in a fraction of a second, his grin at me. It was as if he meant: Let's see what your beliefs are going for! I smiled to myself and whispered quietly to God: "Thank you Jesus for what he will be with about today!"

The man came to the two young people, who would ask him, and said loud and clear: "I have limped for years. My one tendon is too short. Doctors have not been able to solve this! "The man showed how bad he was, and he limped back and forth for a while. He wanted to clearly demonstrate how bad things were with him.

One of the youths said: "Now we pray that God will heal the tendon" They stretched their hands to the man's feet and said, "In the name of Jesus. Be good! "" Try to get some now! "They said then to the man. He began attending the church aisle. Without limping! He stayed a bit further down, turned around with wide-open, wandering eyes and stared around the room.

The gaze contained both fear and amazement. He went ahead, he stopped. He turned and walked back, this time faster. He paused. The total amazement completely lit up his whole face. Having rushed up and down the church aisle, he stopped and hid his face in his hands. He was great weeping. His wife rushed to his rescue and hugged him. "And I got rid of my sciatic pain at once!" She cried. They stood there and hugged each other. I laughed and cheered with joy! "Thank you Jesus that we do not come with empty words and dogma. Thank you for letting us come into force! "I said to myself. The man disappeared. He left the church and I asked his wife where he went. "He went out for a walk!" I started laughing. Naturally, you want to go out for a walk if you've just been healed from years of problems with limping. I never saw the man more, but I wonder today what he said to his wife after the day of the seminar.

Jesus appears today, He wants both whole and to save - even atheists!

Holger Nilsson

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Underbart! Tack JESUS! 🎶👆🎶💕🎶


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