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The attacks on marriages - Part 1 - Holger Nilsson

In our time going major attacks on the marriages. In the deepest sense, it is the enemy of God behind them.

First, God established in creation's morning, the marriage between man and woman: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh." 1 Exodus. 2:24.

In the Bible we can see that God's enemy always wanted to destroy what God created and ordained. So it is with marriage.

Considering that it is entirely natural, not least the Christian marriages are the focus of the devil's attacks. He is a child of God avsvurne enemy and all believers opponent. This will in a special way to show through in these last days. A prophetic description found in the Bible's last book:

"In his rage against the woman went kite away to make war with the remnant of her seed, those who obey God's commandments and hold the testimony of Jesus Christ." Up. 12:17.

The dragon is the Biblical term for the devil and the woman represents Israel. This is also mentioned those who hold the testimony of Jesus Christ and it is obviously the believers.

We can thus see that in the last days there will be attacks against both the OT covenant people, the Jews, who Testament people, the Christians.

These attacks against God's elect two people, is becoming clearer in our time. One of the manifestations comes just attacks on Christian marriage by the tools the devil uses to destroy marriages.

Ten years ago, we could describe such a case, and there are also other testimonies about. What we wrote about was a pastor's wife's experience when she traveled by plane. On the plane were served lunch when a woman sitting next to a pastor's wife says she will not have any food because she fasts. The Christian woman become as interested and they begin to talk to each other. Then explain the other woman that she fasted on Wednesdays with the direction that Christian marriage would be broken. While others have illuminated how devil worshipers are praying and fasting for Christians marriages crumble.
This we wrote in No. 2-2002.

God has also prophetically warned his people for these attacks. The World Today, March 9 writes Lars Nylen, leader of the organization Living Families, which works to support families to avoid divorce:

"Live families began its work in 1997, including after a prophetic word:'Det will at wrapping a wave of divorces over the Swedish kristenhet.` For 7-8 years ago, God spoke about a second wave - a wave of remarriages. The same people are sitting now with new partners in worship in the same church. Christendom had low readiness to deal with the first wave and was even less prepared for the other. "End quote.

Now is the time to stand up and resist the devil's attacks on marriage! There is not a day to lose. A massive elevated spiritual readiness is there that can prevent more divorce.

We believe that the most important thing is that faithful spouses pray together, take a daily moment of prayer before the Lord, in the transfer to Him and to each other.

Then you are not only two in marriage, but three, Jesus Christ our savior and protector are in the center of the relationship. He wants to be there and it is a great blessing and strength to build their marriage in this way. A bible applicable to this is Ecclesiastes 4:12:

"Where the solitary is overcome, two can resist. And a threefold twisted cord is not easy. "

There are also studies that confirm that those who have a spiritual community together have a better relationship in marriage. such as was done by the National Survey and published under the heading Couples who pray together, stay together, stated:

"One of the results is clear, is that couples the home has activities such as prayer and Bible study are more likely to have loving relationships."

Prayer - the best insurance for a marriage.

Holger Nilsson

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