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The attacks on marriages - Part 2 - Holger Nilsson

There are several ways for God's enemy to destroy it by God instituted marriage, one is to make a mockery of it.

Marriage and marriage is something that happens between man and woman. It has been the natural and obvious in different cultures through the millennia, but this principle has only a few years made void. This can be seen as a sign of the times.

Because God has ordained marriage between man and woman, a change of this indirect seen as a rejection and rebellion against Him. It is something that will have some impact, it does not change a divine ordinance without leading to consequences.

There is only one testified exception in history, where marriage meant a same-sex association. In the Babylonian Talmud data are available.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero says that the information in these Talmudic texts, shows that "before the flood, people started to write marriage contracts between men".

The time when this occurred was thus before the Flood of Noah's day. Then they had thus ruined the first institution that God created, namely, the union of man and woman.

It was an attack on what God had created. It is therefore entirely due abundantly to the Bible's testimony of that time is as follows:

"God saw the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt, because all people had corrupted the earth." 1 Exodus. 6:12.

Time Characters

This was in Noah's day and so this Jesus says that it will be at His return:

"But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the Son of man coming. As people lived in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing until the flood came and swept them all away - so shall the coming of the Son to be. "
Matt. 24: 37-39.

Jesus then compare the time that Noah lived, with the time when He will return. There is a unique similarity between those dates and that is that it is the only time that same-sex relationships legitimized!

What is happening now is a great time signs that Jesus' return can occur at any time. In this context, the judgment of this world and it is high time to repent for those who want to be saved!

Another way to pervert the marriage God ordained is to live as a partner. It is not the same as marriage, it is important to have this clear to him.

There are additional areas that need to be mentioned in this context. It is now beginning to experiment with eradicating gender identity. A new expression "hen", has been launched, which will replace "he" and "she".

Never accept this idea and this confused expression, for the two sex that God created man to:

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." 1 Exodus. 1:27.

What is happening now is therefore still a distortion of the creation norm that God created. This does not happen without this having consequences!

There is another area that we want to highlight where God's order is now shaken. We think of it as in all times been the obvious - that it is the woman who gives birth. This could be changed and distorted, it is probably no one who could believe, but in these last days, it is a fact.

This occurs through sex change, which is increasingly common. When a woman is chosen to undergo a sex change operation to become a man, and she-he, will retain her uterus, she-he, thus still capable of bearing children.

Time Characters

In this way, you create a third sex, which means that "man" can have children. Many believe then that it would be natural to sterilize "the man". Such a requirement would obviously result in an outcry, but it will be when the natural is replaced with the unnatural.
It means that you are also in this area affects the order of creation which God has ordained:

"To the woman he said," I will make your effort much when you become pregnant. But the pain you shall bring forth children. "1 Exodus. 3:16.

We have only in recent years seen how it has broken down and changed the order which God established from the beginning. This can be seen as a rebellion against God, that you do not accept what He decreed. This will have consequences.

The judgment came in Noah's time, they wanted to they not believe that something like this would happen. Even now you want to believe that someone they will. Late one will discover how wrong this was, when the great tribulation judgment acts go over the earth, those described in Revelation. The time is unprecedented: Read what Jesus says in Matt. 24:21.
Jesus' words are as seals of the world in their god from the reverse condition and their rebellion against their Creator, will meet this domstid. Late discovered the people the seriousness of Noah, in the same way, many in the last time to recognize the seriousness of late, when the tribulation has been broken into.

Writing this is in no way to be doomsayers, it is only to emphasize what is written in God's Word. A flattened teachings will characterize the last days. We are there now.

It is time to repent and turn to God, before the days of grace ends and you stand there alone without God. The God that man in his limited world of thought and in their egoism and pride, attempted to explain away. The denial has no value on that day.

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Holger Nilsson

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