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Christer Åbergs powerful book: The longest night

To trust in God when the unthinkable happens

A true story of the unimaginable losses and to win it all.

A true story of the unimaginable losses and to win it all.

Many people have heard of and witnessed how strongly concerned they have been when they read the book, the longest night. Most recently, someone told me:

"I both laughed and cried when I read it. Now my neighbor also read it!"

On the night of December 22, the night with the most dark hours in 2008, suffers Christer Åberg his life's longest and darkest night, when he was a very traumatic and unexpected loses half his family.

We follow one man's unwavering faith, and his faith and trust in God's guidance and care when the unthinkable happens and suddenly his world split.

The book is also a hot narrated love story of Christer's search for God, his desire for life-long love and his dream of one day finally feel truly loved and desired.


pages 132-133

The first time was horrible. I lived in a big shock and did not know how to handle the situation, nor did I know how I would deal with my daughter who just cried and cried and cried ...

I had done exactly what the priest had advised me to when I was asked what I would say to Dessan:

"Tell me exactly as it is. You can not protect children from reality."

So I told Dessan that mom was dead, that she was in heaven with Jesus and would never come home again. When a child in kindergarten later asked her where her mother was, she replied:

"She is dead and is with Jesus in heaven."

But now just cried and she cried. She was inconsolable and I did not know what I would do with myself. I went into the room with Dessan in my arms. She cried and lay with his face against my shoulder.

"Shall I sing something for you?" I asked her.

"Yes," she replied with a pitiful child's voice.

I knew Dessan liked the nice singing Alleluia you live in me. She used to always wish that when I asked her if I could sing anything. She called it not for Alleluia you live in me, but she always said, "praise you." As soon as she used to say "praise you" I knew right away what song she meant. I found myself on the song. It suited both for adults and children.

What should I sing? "I asked Dessan, convinced that she wanted me to sing just that song.

But to my surprise, said Dessan crying completed:


The spider? Itsy Bitsy Spider? "It's not even a Christian song. But I sang it for my daughter, while I was with her in my arms Ivar large apartment.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

climb trå'n.

Down came the rain

rewind spindle away.

The rising sun

Wipe away any rain.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

climb up again.

This was quite a sermon to me. When I sang the song so painted the incident with the spider in my mind. I saw how he struggled to climb up the thread. But suddenly the disaster. The rain came and washed away the spider. But then came the miracle - the miracle! The sun rose and dried up all the rain so the spider took courage, and could begin to climb again.

Similarly, the Dessan and I suffered from the disaster, but the sun, Jesus gets up and gives us new courage, so that with the new strong hold again to climb back up.

After I had sung this song cried Dessan no longer.


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Boken tog tio månader att skriva men den är mycket lättläst och passar både för ungdomar och äldre, och även som en present eller evangelisationsbok!

Om Christer Åberg

Christer Åberg bor i Äng, utanför Nässjö med sin dotter Desiré. Under många år har han drivit en av Sveriges största privata bloggsajter www.apg29.nu. Han är även verksam som evangelist och medverkar med sång, musik och förkunnelse på möten runt om i landet.

Boken är utgiven på Semnos förlag.

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OBS: Läsarmejl, artiklar, kommentarer och video som är skrivna och gjorda av andra än mig, (Christer Åberg, grundaren till Apg29), kan ha åsikter som jag inte delar.


Fin bild på far och dotter, lindar hon dej runt fingrarna? Har själv en dotter och vet hur svårt det är att stå emot när sötnosen vill ha nått.

Svara -   - 2/12-16 09:58 -


Denna boken var svårt att lägga ifrån sej. Den berörde mej djupt, svårt att läsa p.g.a tårarna, att gå igenom så obeskrivlig smärta och sorg och ändå stå kvar så stark är ett mirakel . Jag vill verkligen rekommendera den ! ! ! Den andas TRO HOPP KÄRLEK

Svara -   - 3/12-16 16:38 -

Jonatan Pandaciuc

Om någon skulle fråga mig vilken bok jag skulle tipsa de hade jag utan tvivla starkt rekommenderat "Den längsta natten"

Hade de frågat mig varför just den boken hade jag nog svarat "läs den, sen kommer du förstå mitt dåliga svar"

I brist på ord att beskriva bokens inehåll, vill jag tacka & ära Gud som tagit igenom Christer Åberg genom alla prövningar!

Svara -   - 11/1-17 18:24 -

Christer Åberg

Boken kostar nu bara 159 kronor! Passa på!

Boken passar både för frälsta, ofrälsta och gammal som ung! Den är uppbygglig och evangeliserande. Köp den för egen del, eller ge bort den som present!

Den tog 10 månader att skriva men är mycket lättläst!

Svara -   - 14/4-17 14:12 -


har beställt en nu

Svara -   - 24/7-17 12:53 -


Mycket bra och mycket gripande bok

Svara -   - 12/3-18 22:47 -

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My childhood I never had - Girl, Interrupted some ten

Christian Åberg children

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Radical Christian faith costs persecution

Reader Mail by Sigvard Sword 

Radical Christian faith costs persecution

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Last year killed 84 000 people by Muslims

violence Islam

A new report shows that 121 Muslim groups around the world last year, killed 84 000 people in 66 countries, of which 22 000 civilians. Total performed 7841 Muslim attacks, an average of 21 per day, in 48 countries.


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The Dalai Lama was forged in the media

The Dalai Lama was forged in the media

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Yesterday published in several newspapers a TT article where the Dalai Lama urged the European refugees to return home. Now the newspapers Dagens Nyheter and GP deleted article. Instead, they have published a new article in which the Dalai Lama appears hyllare of the EU!


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Do not hold on to political bickering

And you are saved: Do not hold on to sakpolitiskt bickering! Christian brothers and sisters are squabbling with each other. And get angry if they vote for it and this and that. What is this nonsense? 


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Are you constantly busy?

By Holger Nilsson 

Are you constantly busy?

Something that is devastating to the spiritual life is to always hold on to something.


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World Evangelist can be ported from the United Kingdom because of the protests from the Muslim Council

World Evangelist can be ported from the United Kingdom because of protests from the Muslim Council

Picture: Day. 

Billy Graham's son Franklin Graham can be ported from the United Kingdom because of the country's Muslim Council demands that the government stop him from speaking in a Christian evangelistic campaign.


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My childhood I never had - Girl, Interrupted part eight

Ingemar Johansson and Christer Åberg

My foster care was not a Christian home. Sure, my foster parents had married in a church, they had also been confirmed, but they were not Christians. 


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Strange events in the election 2018

Comment by Erik S 

The selection 2018

Yes, it seems no better, actually. Several have also reported incidents of both the committee and the EU. Besides that ballot papers were missing in many places - after people protested picked them up - so the envelopes with ballots put off the polls in piles, in some place they've been thrown on the floor.


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Dagens ord

Vecka 39, måndag 24 september 2018 kl. 17:27

Jesus söker: Gerhard, Gert!

Vill du bli frälst och få alla dina synder förlåtna? - Be den här bönen:

Jesus, jag tar emot dig nu och bekänner dig som min Herre och Frälsare. Jag tror att Gud har uppväckt dig från de döda. Jag ber om förlåtelse för alla mina synder. Tack att jag nu är frälst. Tack att du har förlåtit mig och tack att jag nu är ett Guds barn. Amen.

Tog du emot Jesus i bönen här ovan?
» Ja!

Så älskade Gud världen att han utgav sin enfödde Son, för att var och en som tror på honom inte ska gå förlorad utan ha evigt liv. - Joh 3:16

Ramadan 2018

Så här många muslimska attentat och mord har det skett hittills under Ramadan 2018.

The Swedish election is the most undemocratic elections as an election observer from the OSCE mission has seen

Christer Åberg Election 2018 - Immigrants decided choice

"In any election observation I've been on, I have never seen an election as undemocratic as the Swedish. It is far from European standards."


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Swedish election is over ...

Reader Mail by Bertil Rosenius 

Monday evening, the day after the election, and we all have to say we have made our choice - right now. Maybe we will have to soon make a new choice, or later, at a regular government crisis. Situation of Swedish policy is maximally uncertain!


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Who is the real election winners?

Reader Mail by nils

When at last choice after all the debates and election night is over, and the elections fever settles continue the battle for power. Ultimately, it's what it's all about, who will have the power to govern the kingdom of Sweden? 


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Adolf Hitler subscribe to my Youtube channel

Adolf Hitler subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel Apg29.nu now has 957 subscribers, and most recently, Adolf Hitler started to subscribe!Subscribe you too:  Youtube channel Apg29.Nu


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My childhood I never had - Girl, Interrupted part seven

Christer Åberg in color

The boy next door Tony was not a good child. Early in our childhood, he began to bully and push me down. Yes, it was pronounced bullying, not just so-called common irritant. 


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Christer Åberg's election analysis for the elections September 9, 2018

Christer Åberg - election analysis 2018

Now it's only a few hours left when the polls closed and the votes to be counted. Here is Christer Åberg's election analysis which was first published at 14:16 September 9, 2018 on the blog site Apg29.nu.


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Live! Election night party with Christer Åberg 20.00-24.00

This will be an election night party that will be unique! I will sing, play and talk about Jesus and how to be saved, pray for the election and for all the party leaders and politicians, and to all who voted and did not vote! SHARE! Share! Share!


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Devil's tool - Margit Sandemo

By Holger Nilsson 

Devil's tool - Margit Sandemo

It may sound hard to write that someone is a tool of the devil - but whoever it is about himself testified himself that. Her name is Margaret Sandemo.


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My childhood I never had - Girl, Interrupted part six

Christer Åberg

The dog in the yard was a torture for me. Behind the house, he had his rope as he ran back and forth. And he barked at everyone and everything. 


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Christer Åberg in KIT

Christer Åberg in kit.se

Screenshots from kit.se.

I have been interviewed by Thomas Arnroth in media magazine KIT about my vision for the elections September 9, 2018.


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Prophetic ahead of elections in 2018

Live broadcast by Christer Åberg from Apg29.nu !


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