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The undesired - Part 17

Christer Åberg greet

Now I continue with my shaking and appreciated serial from my childhood. The story will increase in intensity and become even more dramatic. Some very exciting and gripping section now lies ahead.

Now it was the last day of sixth grade, and after the summer I would start seventh grade at Astradskolan in Ljungby. Then I would have to go in a large self-bus from Skeen which I then every morning had to ride a few kilometers to the. I rode then on our little dirt road that led down to Torpavägen where I turned right toward Skeen. In the beginning, it was also only a dirt road but later paved the it. Ljungby is located about two mil from Skeen. 

But now I was standing and my other classmates, waiting for the bus driver, Hugo would be the very last time to ride home ourselves from Torpa school. I remember so well this moment. Now, a new chapter is written in my life and I had probably not quite the hang of what would happen in the future is now for me. 

The sun was shining and it was warm and comfortable. All the children were dressed in summer clothes and was excited and looked forward to a long summer holiday. But of course, I thought about what would happen in the new school, I would start after the holidays. 

Would my life now and the future will be a little brighter? What was really the future for any store for me? Throughout my school from the first grade, I had been bullied and often I had been trying to defend myself by fighting. But I had always been the underdog and had lost almost all fights. I was a subdued unhappy and insecure little child. Would it now be different when I would go to a new school and a new class and new classmates? 

My teacher was now up to me where I stood myself in the sunshine along with bike racks at bus stop pondering while all the other kids were lively and excited. He stood behind me and put his arms around me. It was as if he wanted to comfort me and wish me luck because he knew how hard I had been bullied at school up to date. He had never done this to me before. Did he care about me? He was far to me how it would go? No such care and understanding, he had never shown to me before. He leaned in and kissed the top of my head, which I did not understand why, but somehow he wanted to give me comfort. 

Then came Hugo with his school bus for the last time. It was about half as big as the big orange self-buses that would later take us to Ljungby. Moreover, we would get semester cards to get going, which we had not had before. I felt really great and almost significant when I would get a bus pass. 

I think that teachers in Torpa school had concluded that I could not keep my old classmates and go in the same class as them. Therefore, they had decided to move me to another class when I started in high school to get away from these tormentors. It was then decided that I would go into a special class. There is a class where you read in a slower tempo. I have been told by someone that they put me in there not because I needed to go in such a class, but to get away from the bullies. Apparently knew the school to my problem with the bullies, even though it was never someone said this to me. 

But now it is so that it does not help to move a subdued mob victim to a new context where they do not know who you are. It will still be bullied. It will, in fact fast new bullies who take over the task of others. It takes in some way with this in their personality. It's just like it advertises: "Come and bully me! I'm a willing victim!" 

Summer vacation went and soon came the day when I would start in high school, seventh grade. I was 13 years old. Now afterwards, I remember nothing about what happened that summer. In summer I used to go to swimming lessons in the artificial pond at the power plant at Skeen. I used to ride there, but otherwise I do not know what happened. 

But the start of the first day of school, I so well remember. All that would start in seventh grade were gathered in the large auditorium at the school. I had never been in an auditorium before. Then only it was exciting. 

Class by class, and all that would go in each class counted by the headmaster from the scene. And as mentioned klassföreståndares name to each class. The teachers mentioned we would then then come to the class room. The class that I would go in the name of 7 K and teacher named Ingrid Ljunggren. 

When we then were on their way to the classroom through the long corridor, for it was a large secondary school with hundreds of students, turning suddenly my new teacher Ingrid Ljunggren to me and say something to me. I answer her, but I will not remember what it was, but I was both amazed and a little surprised that she just talked to me. She said nothing to any other student in the large class who came with her, so why me? 

When I went there in the very long hallway to get to the classroom, there was a question in my mind: What would happen in the new school, and I was now free from the bullies?

The last issue I would quickly get the answers.

This serial is my life story from childhood onwards. I tell naked and candidly. A lot I have never told you about earlier. Some names in the story are fictitious.

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