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The unwanted - Part 19

The unwanted - Part 19

In this part I will tell you the very distressing event, what happened to Michael as I got into a fight with the last part.

Michael was an extraordinary student at the school. I never knew him. I do not know his background or who he really was, more than this, I understand that the teachers he considered to be a messy and difficult student.

After my class teacher's scolding of him, so he took me actually in defense. One time after this incident, it was another student who bullied me. Then he took me in defense and pushed this person with his knees as he sat on the bench along with a few others in the corridor outside the classroom during a break. It was not so nicely done, but I stand amazed at the side and just watch. I did not know what to say about this situation. I remember that he said you should not tease Chris, but you should be kind to him, and then he put his two knees to his back just pushed him down on the bench of his weight.

Michael was probably at heart a very kind person and had a good heart but very rowdy and messy. He went to the same school bus as me. He stepped on someone mil earlier than where I got on at a farm in Skeen to go the two mile Ljungby.

One afternoon when we went home with the large SJ bus was Michael and a friend of his very messy. They romped, shouting and swarmed and ran back and forth and left channel of the aisle of the bus, while all the other students sat quietly in their seats, and dared say nothing. The two young people had thus taken over the bus in the belief that they "took the bus" and could do as they pleased. The entire two mile I went with the bus before I got off at my stop, they kept on while the bus driver's patience ran out more and more by the minute and soon had reached its limits.

The next day, Michael told me in confidence for me, as we sat on the same bench, he had pressed the guy, what had happened on the bus after I got off. The bus driver who patiently had driven the bus had finally become so angry that he shook in anger and thrown by Michael and his friend somewhere on the road before they had reached their stop.

I said nothing about this, but somehow I knew that the bus driver had no choice but to do what he did. You should know that at that time I had no opinion. I did not boo or baa, I just listened and tried to take the things as best I could. I was not an analyst, I did not know what it would be but it was in any way that I was standing on the sidelines and just watched. I was not the drama's main character, but only a quiet subdued and shy and insecure little observer, who did not dare interfere.

What actually happened next with the tall skranglige stökige boy who bullied me and was yelled at by my teacher, I do not know when it comes to details. But what happened was terribly tragic and brutal. It would shock the whole school and the students would feel bad and the newspapers would write about it. Especially, I know that a classmate of mine said that he had a stomach ache of the event.

Michael and a friend of his named Patrick was out walking one evening in the village where they lived. They face two or three other young people who also were out on that fateful evening. One of them had a chain with him as he had earlier in the evening had stolen from a business. It was a chain that closed the funds at the end of the deal.

When attacked these young Michael and his companion. Michael was beaten violently and brutally in the chain. His friend Patrick fled neck over the head. He survived, but Michael fought bloody to death by the brutal beating of the chain.

My meeting with Michael started not so good, then I hit a nosebleed at him, as I told you in the last part. But we became friends and had respect for each other, yes, even he defended me in front of others when they bullied me. I think Michael had a good heart, despite the fact that the bus driver had become so angry that he shook as he threw out Michael and his friend.

I actually got a friend a short time before in this brutal way, taken away from the world.

The school flag was hoisted half-mast.

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This serial is my life story from childhood onwards. I tell naked and candidly. A lot I have never told you about earlier. Some names in the story are fictitious.

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4 kommentarer

Lena Henricson Fri, 25 Jan 2019 11:04:15 +010

Vad hände med ungdomarna som slog ihjäl Michael? 😩 Och hur togs ni omhand i skolan efteråt? 🤔


Christer Åberg Fri, 25 Jan 2019 18:12:49 +010

Svar till Lena Henricson.

Vad hände med ungdomarna som slog ihjäl Michael? 😩 Och hur togs ni omhand i skolan efteråt? 🤔

Så vitt jag minns förekom det ingen krishjälp. Det var inte som idag då de sätter in experthjälp och krisgrupp med en gång. De skyldiga tog de fast men vad som hände med dem vet jag inte.


Lena Henricson Sat, 26 Jan 2019 04:15:33 +010

Bra ändå att flaggan hissades på halv stång! Det markerade ju att något fruktansvärt hade inträffat. 😩🇸🇪😢


Johanna Mon, 28 Jan 2019 10:26:09 +010

Kom med fortsättningen snart Christer.


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