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The undesired - Part 21

the unwanted

My continued and moving story of me as a little boy undesirable. 

My foster brother Stig had been confirmed in Annerstads church four years earlier. I will not remember his confirmation but I also wanted to confirm me. The reason why Stig confirmed itself I do not know but I wanted to be confirmed, not to get some possible gifts, but it was simply due to a genuine interest on my part.

When I look back on my life, I understand that my confirmation interest was due to an honest and deep search for God. There was Disbanded in my heart. 

Confirmation teaching arranged by Annerstads church which was held by the pastor. Teaching was in a room on the second floor of the parish house. We were maybe 20 young people in both boys and girls who read.

But I found that confirmation lessons were difficult and tough. We had been reading aloud from a book about the Christian faith that I did not understand anything of. I remember nothing today what then was taught to us catechist. Probably I do not remember it either on the confirmation date, which was the day before my birthday.

But confirmation as such could not transform or affect me as a person. I was still the same old Chris. This was proved by an event just before we were to go into the church and confirm us. The priest and all the catechist had gathered in a small room before confirmation. 

When I needed to go to the bathroom, which I did. When I came back, I had splashed water on the white chemise, all of catechist bar, when I had washed his hands. Someone pointed this out, but I thought I had closed it when I pee, so I put in a good loud expletive before the priest and all the catechist. The minister pointed out my ill-chosen words, and I was stunned pionröd in my face. But as we went into the church and Confirmation passed off without any trouble. 

When we went into the church I stretched me and proudly held the Bible and hymn book. But what was said during the confirmation, I have no idea. 

I think my genuine interest in the confirmation was that God sought me. It was also an expression of me that I sought God in my young age. But I never knew that it was God. 

When I look back on my life, I see other events when God sought me. It may have been seemingly small events, which I have already told you about some indenna book, but there have been some events that suddenly gleamed that God exists and that he saw me. 

Later, I would realize that God was not a God like Santa Claus who threatened not to give any gifts if it had not been kind, but a God who had an indescribable love for the little man. This loving God gave time to time and to feel a little subdued uncertain bullied boy, but he did not know who it was that knocked on his young heart's door

I was several years later that the priest had previously been a frikyrkopastor. So he ought to have had knowledge of how to be saved and a Christian, but he did not tell this to us. What if he had done it. Then I might have already been saved and got all my life transformed. Many sorrows and misery would have been avoided in my life. Admittedly, he had quoted the amazing Bible verse John 3 and 16 of our biblars cover. The text of the verse is:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

But he had quoted that verse in the Bible, I noticed until several years later, and he had not told or explained the verse for us. Confirmation was thus not save me.

During my childhood, it could sometimes glimpse through the darkness a reminder of God. I did not understand it then, but when I was several years later in retrospect and could look back on my life, I could see it clearly. 

Such a thing could go straight into the heart of me were posters with fine nsturmotiv. For example, a sun behind the trees. And a scripture to. I could sometimes come across such posters, for example, in the parish hall. When I read the Bible verse on them, I was amazed at what power they could contain. They were so alive and could speak right into my heart. I well remember one such occasion how astonished and amazed looking at the poster. It happened several times and on different occasions that God spoke to me and made itself known in these different ways. But I never knew that it was he until many years later. 

Ingrid Ljunggren had very good educational Listed lessons. Often, she told me about self-perceived things. It was easy to listen to her and take in what she said and taught. 

At one point on the religion I will never forget. I do not know if she was a Christian, but she told me that she and her husband newborn babies had fallen ill and was hospitalized. Then they prayed to God for their children who were quite good. They got answers to prayer. This she told the whole class. I sat quietly and listened in amazement at my desk. 

The school was included that we would prya sometime in each semester in different places to get a glimpse of the world of work and maybe get a hum of what we would choose for the ninth grade, which I obviously had very difficult to know. Since I was artistically interested I once prya department store Tempo in Ljungby as a decorator. They had their own decorators employees who did the signs. Unfortunately, I liked it not so good and it was difficult to take initiative. It was probably due to my subdued and uncertain way. 

Because of my subscription and interest in art was talk of another semester that I would get prya a week in a test line at a Christian college in Helsingborg. Psyokonsulenten managed to get me in there a week. I remember I had to ride the bus down to Helsingborg, although I was worried about my long journey, but it went well, and then came a teacher from the school and picked me up. I was living at home with his family. 

I understood that they were Christians, but I did not know what it meant. And neither they explained anything about this to me. 

An evening at the college, I was standing with a group of students and watched some football players. When I asked one of them if not for this school was Christian. Then I had a long exposition of him in which he explained away the Christians. I was in a Christian environment, but did not hear anything about Jesus. So close yet so far away ...

At home in my foster home, I found a small white Gideon Bible that was tucked in the bookcase in the parlor. I do not know who had received it. Maybe it was my foster brother. I can not remember that it was mine. Perhaps my brother got it when godeonierna distributing Bible New Testament in a school class that he had gone in. Gidroniter were called for handing out Bibles in among snmst in schools and hotel rooms and prisons. They had taken the name after Gideon in the Old Testament. 

I lay in the brown sofa in the parlor for reading. It was the same couch that I sat in when the local newspaper had a story about me and my cartoons a few years earlier. 

I started reading in Matthew's gospel and was just blown away by what I read. What a thrill it was! I could not stop. 

I read about Jesus and how he was crucified and that God raised him up again from the dead on the third day. The whole dramatic event was painted up in my mind and I could really see it. 

The words were living as I read. They met right in my heart. It was not just an ordinary story. 

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This serial is my life story from childhood onwards. I tell naked and candidly. A lot I have never told you about earlier. Some names in the story are fictitious.

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Katrina Sun, 10 Feb 2019 13:56:44 +010

Väntar med spänning om Den stora dagen



johanna Mon, 11 Feb 2019 11:14:16 +010

Väntar ivrigt på nästa del!


Johanna Fri, 15 Feb 2019 18:21:36 +010

Kom med fortsättning snart Christer😊!


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