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It has to do with Islam

It has to do with Islam

Reader Mail by Stefan Eliasson 

In this way justifies it's actions. Louisa and Maren are not unique, recently found a mass grave with 34 beheaded Christians in Libya.

Why we need to learn more about Islam? Interest is small but the reasons are many why people in general need to improve their knowledge. 

The size

The sheer size is one reason, Islam is history's second largest religion after Christianity. Approximately 1.6 billion people, over a fifth of the world's population are Muslims, a number that continues to increase, not because the people themselves choose to believe that the sun every evening sets in a muddy source (Qur'an 18:84), but because of ignorance, the threat of the death penalty for those who want to leave, high birth rates and migration. 

The number of Muslims in Sweden and other European countries has exploded in recent years and with so many people around us share the same origin, it is important to know what they represent. 


Ignorance of what the Koran and the hadith says is great even within Islam. The majority of Muslims believe that Islam is the only undeniable truth, then this is what they have been told all their lives. At the same time, they learn not to question the Muslim sources. 

The Muslims who converted to Islam has done this since in most cases been fed with false information. People who converted after they studied the Scriptures are extremely rare.

"It befits not a faithful man or faithful woman, when Allah and His Messenger decide one thing, to have free choice in this matter, and he who disobeys Allah and His Apostle, is imprisoned in manifest error." (Qur'an 33 : 36)

"The Apostle of God ye have now received a fine example for him who hopes in Allah and the Last Day, and frequently invoke God." (Qur'an 33:21)


For Christian knowledge is of utmost importance when Islam distorts the Bible's contents. When we share the Gospel to our Muslim fellow citizens, we need to know how they misinterpret the message we convey. Christians argue for example that Jesus is the Son of God. For a Muslim, this means that God must have had sex with a woman and had a son, then that is exactly what the Koran teaches.

"How would surely heaven and earth to have children, then he has no wife?" (Quran 6: 101)


The same is true of the Trinity. No Christian has ever in history either believed or stated that Trinity would consist of God, Jesus and Mary. This doctrine is distorted by the Qur'an that teach Muslims that this is what we believe.

"Even when God said, Jesus, son of Mary, did you say to the people:" Take me and my mother as gods instead of God! (Koran 5: 116) ""

The core

The very essence of the Christian faith is Jesus' death, resurrection and divinity. Islam not only denies all this, but it is these doctrines, we usually have to defend when Muslims are trained to attack these.

"And saying, We have certainly killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of God, but they have neither killed nor crucified him, but they seemed to them only so, and those who argue about it, have indeed been uncertain, because they have not had no knowledge of him, but only assumptions to comply; they have not killed him in real life, but God raised him up, for God is mighty and wise. (Koran 4: 156) "

Where ignorance is greatest

In countries where ignorance is greatest, where Islam thrives best. Sweden is an excellent example of this. The general ignorance makes the media, politicians and Muslim preachers can say anything and people believe them. 

Examples of this are the countless times we hear from someone imam after another deadly terrorist attack in the name of Allah to attack has nothing to do with Islam. We often hear that, for example, Muhammad was a women's right fighter as we in the West respects the freedom of women. These are lies, but people believe in it.

Two young men beheaded

We can Louisa Vester Villager Jespersen and Maren Ueland example, two young women were brutally beheaded on holiday in Morocco. Someone at a memorial ceremony claiming that the murders do not have to do with Islam and state SVT is lightning quick to latch on to. This has everything and only to do with Islam. 

Note that the murder was a team effort, which is saying a lot. I had told my friends that we would come upon two tourists, brutally halal slaughter them, shoot everything and post on social media that they had made sure to get me locked up. What justifies murderers documents? Because the Koran and the hadiths!

"Their salary, which fight God and His Apostle, and instigate mischief on the earth, shalt merely that they be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet severed crosswise, or that they be banished from the country. This shalt their disgrace in this life, and in the life to come awaits them a terrible punishment. "(Quran 5:37)

Allegiance to IS

What has two tourists to do with the vague offense of "fighting God and His Apostle, and instigate mischief on earth"? Louisa and Marens killer has sworn allegiance to IS. Both Norway and Denmark are part of the global coalition that contributed in various ways to combat IS. Louisa and Maren funded the fight against IS by paying taxes and thus guilty of the above offenses.

According to Muhammad himself so it receives that support and equip soldiers the same pay as the soldiers themselves. This is the cause of Allah as much as for.

"He who equips a warrior in the cause of Allah, will get a reward like his, without that it detracts from the warrior's reward in the slightest." (Sunan Ibn Majah 2758)

Mass grave with 34 beheaded Christians

In this way justifies it's actions. Louisa and Maren are not unique, recently found a mass grave with 34 beheaded Christians in Libya. 

We know that Islam is the devil in the beheading Association symbolism. Jesus is the parish and the church is the body and it is clear that Satan wants to distinguish between them.

In anticipation of Jesus' return, Stefan Eliasson

Stefan Eliasson

Reader Mail

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