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Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian

Preschool want to "save the climate" by all children to eat vegetarian.

Food on the plate.

I thought about this with Adolf Hitler when I read that there is a kindergarten in northern Sweden who want to "save the climate" by all children to eat vegetarian. What is happening?

Christer ÅbergAv Christer Åberg
lördag, 26 oktober 2019 16:10

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian

"Some meat was not, because Hitler was a vegetarian. The food was good, very good, but we could never enjoy it."

This explains one of Hitler provsmakerska Margot Wölk that survived World War II. On Hitler's dishes were vegetables, sauces, noodle dishes and exotic fruits.

Hitler food plans for war

There are different opinions why Hitler was a vegetarian. Maybe it was because of health reasons because he had problems with his stomach.

To write Joseph Goebbels in his diary, April 26, 1942:

"A considerable part of our conversation devoted leader to the vegetarian question. He is more convinced than ever that meat eating is harmful to humanity. Of course, he knows that during the war can not change our food supply basically. But after the war, he intends to deal with this problem. Maybe he's right. "

I thought about this with Adolf Hitler when I read that there is a kindergarten in northern Sweden who want to "save the climate" by all children to eat vegetarian . What is happening?

All food purified

In the Bible you get to eat all kinds of food. There is no prohibition. There is probably no problem for the climate nor what kind of food we eat, but there are enough other problems. By the way, cleanse your body all the food, which Jesus himself says.

Mark 7:18. Then he said [Jesus] to them: Are you also so foolish? Do you not understand that nothing coming from outside into him can defile him? 19. For it does not go into his heart but into the stomach, through which all food be purified and has its natural end.

One thing is important

Moreover, it is also like this in the Bible:

Acts 15:28. For the Holy Spirit and we have decided not to lay upon you no greater burden except this is necessary:

29. That you should abstain from what is sacrificed to idols, and from blood, and from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. If you carefully consult you for this, are you doing right. Farewell.

Self reasons I like this about what is useful and useless: Eat everything in moderation it will be probably no problem.

What comfort this gives us. We do not get involved with lot of laws and controls to be saved. Only one thing is important and that is to accept Jesus and be saved. 

I once read about a doctor who drank two liters of carrot juice a day because it would be useful. He died of cirrhosis of his liver could not handle so much carrot juice every day.


This with the climate seem an evasion to control people. What kind of an agenda is really behind? Is it to finally be able to put the Antichrist on the throne?

You need not be afraid of what you eat, and do not need to have a bad conscience. Eat and feel good. Do not fall for the propaganda that comes in different ways to manage and control your life. Such propaganda is becoming more and more evident in the time that we now live in. It is a sign of the times.

The only thing that is most important and significant in your life is that you accept Jesus Christ and be saved!

Rome 14:17. For the kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

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