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Christer ÅbergAv Christer Åberg
tisdag, 22 oktober 2019 10:21

Cookies - Cookies

Apg29 uses cookies. Cookies in Swedish. It is for the page to work well and for a better user experience. 

Among other things, cookies in the form of comments to you locally to be able to save your name and e-mail so you do not fill it every time you write a comment. Your email and name (or username) is stored in a database that is obviously not to the public. Cookies are also used to Google statistics.

Cookies are small files that are stored locally on your computer. It is not a cake you can eat. ;) You can set your browser how you want these files to work, whether you want them or not. Turn off completely the tool as it is a risk that the page is not working as intended.

The teams

The Law on Electronic Communications changed July 1, 2011. A year earlier, the government came with the suggestion that data can only be retrieved from and stored in the terminal equipment with the user's consent - already, users must be informed about the purpose of the cookies.

Before it was quite enough to just inform consumers of that information either collected from or stored on their computer - with cookie law, still to Chapter 6. § 18, it is not enough to just inform consumers, now consumers also agree that the information retrieved from or stored on their devices. Cookie The law was designed to raise awareness of what is stored on one's computer.

By surfing the Apg29 and use its features, you agree to the use of cookies.

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You can click off the info banner below about cookies, click the "I understand" and continue surfing the Apg29.

Please contact me if you have questions on this or write in the comments below.

Thank you for visiting the blog site Apg29.Nu!

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tisdag 1 december 2020 04:05
Jesus Kristus jag ber om beskydd för ondskan som angriper mig! Troende folk kan vara så elaka, önskar bara välsignelser över alla onda pilar... Ske Din vilja i allt...

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