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David Wilkerson about the faith movement

"A pastor said, It has gone so far, that one day, an evangelist stand up and say, I have received a revelation from the Lord, it is time to start worshiping Mary. It will go the point where."

David Wilkerson about the faith movement

"This is one of the greatest humiliations of Jesus Christ practiced since Christ. This perverted gospel is poisoning amounts - even in China, Africa and around the world. It is an American gospel invented and spread by rich American evangelists and pastors. Rich! "

Av: Mr Svensson - David Wilkerson
söndag 22 september 2019 01:21 📧

Denna artikel är ett läsarmejl/gästblogg vilket innebär att åsikterna är skribentens egna!

We take it again so you understand the severity if you have not already done so. I am grateful that God saved me from the false thought to the proclamation and I confess it as sin having received false teaching. 

You grieve over what it looks like in Sweden today among God's people? Where is the talk about the rapture of the Bride? Sometimes it seems that the majority of Christians are more focused on the Antichrist prominent than that Jesus will come back! 

Are you ready for Jesus to come? The talk of the Cross, when you heard the latest, 1886? 

Now you get a little reading about David Wilkerson what he wrote about faith movement.

The humiliated Assembly

The original English title -The reproach of the Solemn Assembly

by David Wilkerson

Zephaniah 3: 18- Those who are sorrowful for the solemn them shall I gather, those who are of thee, to whom the burden of humiliation. (1917) 

This is a dual prophecy of Zephaniah. They have to do with Israel's children but also with spiritual Zion (which is the church of Jesus Christ in the last days). First of all, he speaks to the Jews - that God would bring together the scattered - but he would only bring back those who had a broken heart for Israel's miserable condition - he would remember all who bore the humiliation - all the terrible things that went on in God House. To those who carried the burden, he said; "I will gather you." He gave them great promises

This prophecy is also addressed to the church of Jesus Christ in the last days. In the Old Testament, the children of Israel were called to a feast seven days. On the eighth day - called a solemn assembly. It was then that they met together - put everything else aside and focus on worshiping and praising their heavenly Father. Scripture says: "On the eighth day you shall have a solemn assembly." This feast collection represents the Old Testament, God separated the church needs to meet the Lord.

This is the church of Jesus Christ in the last days. According to Zephaniah, the house of God in the last days to be humiliated. The Hebrew word here means "shame and disgrace". It will be shame and dishonor the house of God. We are not talking about the apostate, liberal modern church - the Lord says that on the Day of Judgment, He will deal with the church. We can pray for them, but we should not waste our tears on it that is not the real Assembly.

God is looking for a people who want to mourn and weep for the humiliation that develops Church of Jesus Christ in these days. I'm talking about the church that was born at Pentecost. I'm talking about the church that was born to Paul and the apostles' teaching. The congregation that was born in the truth of Jesus Christ to rule. The born-again church is under attack. Assembly is humbled.

It has been prophesied that in this time of humiliation, shame and infamy, God will raise up a holy remnant who will mourn and weep over this pollution - God will have a remnant that will not sit idly by while all this invades Assembly. God says: "I will have a people who will not be content to live a good life and ignoring the quacks and money mad false prophets come into God's house and destroy everything."

God will gather a people who grieve over this - if you really love the Lord and love His church, you can not look at what is happening today (and I will mention these humiliations by name). If after hearing what I have to say about these humiliations, can walk home from church and say, "I cling to what is written in Matthew 18, the gates of hell shall not stand up to the Assembly, I will not worry about me, God has everything under control.

It's not enough. God uses people. God uses people to do his work. He does not send angels. Angels weep over it, but God does not use angels to accomplish its purpose. He uses men and women with broken hearts and burdens -. Judgment is at the door, Jesus. Day of the Lord is near.

Wake up elders. Wake up pastors. Wake up shepherds.

View on the church. Get the Rye. Wear it. Why would we take on the burden of the Solemn Assembly humiliation? Joel said, "because a bad seed has been planted.

A gospel preached that gets everything in sight to wither. Everything is green and divine and pure wither. The seed is ruttet- people are starving to hear God's pure word but there are no meadows. The herd is abandoned and hungry. The rivers dry out. A strange fire is devouring the pastors. Ezekiel says that Shepherds are trampling down the good fields and eat the best for yourself. What is the most shameful things happening in the Church of Jesus Christ today?

This is one of the greatest humiliations of Jesus Christ practiced since Christ. This perverted gospel is poisoning amounts - even in China, Africa and around the world. It is an American gospel invented and spread by rich American evangelists and pastors. Wealthy!

It makes me appalled that so many people can hear the bands and see the videos that come out of these prosperity conferences without crying over them. This poison has spread throughout the world. Cuba is about to open, and they are eager to get in on one time with their success the gospel and tell them, "you have been poor for long enough, God wants all Cubans should be rich."

This week I received a video tape that was recorded at Kenneth Copeland's meetings. I listened to the speaker and became dumbfounded. Friends read the New Testament, you will find that the apostle Paul pointed out those who they believed were false apostles. He warned and he pronounced their names. I tell you that if you listen to what I say to you, but to mourn, then you are blind. You are spiritually blind. You have hard hearts. A heart with a hard armor around so that the pure gospel can not penetrate it. You have become so saturated with this unbalanced gospel that you are not in your right mind. You can not preach the truth. You can not show them anything in writing because they have an armor over their hearts. Hard hearts.

Some of you will not receive it. If you have entered your soul with Copeland or Hagin's tapes, you will not like what you hear. Friends, I am a shepherd, I have been called by God. I have given this church a promise. As long as we stand on this rostrum, we saw wolves in sheep's clothing who came to steal the flock, we should stand up and scream. It's up to you to do something about it. I sat this week and listened to a speaker at a conference and I was shocked and hurt. A lord's distress came over me. That's why I preach this message. Mourn over it.

I quote word for word what was said. The speakers could hardly speak finished because of all the people who came up and put money in their pockets. The reason they do that is a new doctrine that has come out and say, "if you want to be blessed, so you need to find the most blessed evangelist or pastor you can find because he has a lot get a lot of him who little, even what he has will be taken from him. If you find the most blessed success preacher and give him money, and you shall be blessed. The more blessed he is, if you give to those who are most blessed - "it's like a pyramid scheme. If these men were in the secular world, they would end up in jail. Pyramid schemes. The one who is top and who seem to be most holy, and who spoke loudest. Hundreds of people came up until his pockets were stuffed. Sinners says, "this is a free gospel? Banknotes? "

Listen to what was said. The speaker got up and said, about a poor widow who receive social assistance gives you 5 dollars, so you must take it, Elijah took the widow's last food. You are the anointed, you deserve it, take it. "The same speaker said," I live in a 1,000 square foot house. I will build a bigger now. One that King Solomon would be proud of. I paid just 15,000 US dollars for a dog. Do you see the magnificent ring on my finger, I was recently in Jamaica and paid 32,000 US dollars for it. I want you to know that when people where I live running past my mansion and see my Rolls-Royce in the driveway, so they know that there is a God in heaven. "

Tell me, is the gospel? Tell me, weep not over it?

One of the speakers stood up and said, "We have made a covenant with Brother Copeland that over the next year, none of us suffer a single day. We should not feel a moment of discouragement. We will not get sick or need something. We should enjoy all the blessings. We reject all the suffering, all the pain, all the financial problems. " it sounds good if you are on top.

This what grieves me most. This was preached. "The Holy Spirit can not be poured out upon you until you are in the money flow. Before you are successful can the Holy Spirit does not do anything. "

Think about it! How does this affect you? What makes it in your spirit when you see the poor people who live from hand to mouth, and suddenly he says, "seek money" and people running like crazy and when they run, they say we "we claim the wealth."

Then I see people crawl like snakes out of their chairs and onto the floor. I look Evangelist stand up and hiss like a snake and people falling everywhere. Friends, what is going on?

The Humiliation of högtidsförsamligen! The Prophet called them "greedy dogs, ungodly watchmen". Friends, if you had the heart of God and the Lord's distress would you cry out with Isaiah, they are blind watchmen, ignorant, dumb dogs, sleeping, loving sleep, greedy dogs which can never have enough.

"I have 1,000 square meters but I will sell it, and I will build a house that King Solomon could live in-" To never get enough. He said, "shepherds that can not understand, everyone is looking for her, anything to get their own needs met. Jeremiah spared no words. He said, "My people are like lost sheep. Their shepherds have caused them to go astray. "You say," Pastor, you have no right to speak so strongly about this subject. "If you think I'm sharp, then read Ezekiel 34: 1-10.

You take 50 million from the widow and buys a dog for SEK 150 000. You take retirement from the widow and the poor, and you tell them that they do not have enough faith - because they are not successful. You take the wool from the sheep. You are not looking for souls, searching for money. "The shepherds fatten themselves and not the flock, therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord. Thus saith the Lord your God, see I am against the shepherds, and I will repay flock from their hand, and they shall stop to feed the herd. Nor should they fatten themselves more, for I will deliver flock from their mouth, and they will no longer be their flesh. "

I will rid the herd of these men teeth. God help us.

Secondly, distorting the of the blessed Holy Spirit. This is the worst humiliation. It would make us fall on our faces. The way in which the Holy Spirit will be distorted to the whole world.

It is sad to note that there is so little discernment left in the church and among many pastors and church leaders. They do not even know when the Holy Spirit is distorted or blasphemed. There are thousands of Christians who go to the revival campaigns and see things that they believe comes from the Holy Spirit, but they do not know what they are receiving. They clap their hands and praise God when a man standing on the platform and blaspheming and misrepresenting the Holy Spirit, and they do not know about it.

Entire Charismatic denominations, including the American Pentecostal movement, torn apart by false revivals. All sorts of things happen - something new almost every week. The leaders do not know whether to embrace or curse it. They do not know what to do. We get letters from hundreds of pastors from around the world. They ask. "What is right and what is wrong?" Where are the leaders? Where is someone who can guide us ?.

Friends, what we see happening today in what is called revivals and what is happening in the Holy Spirit, we can not find the basis for the script. Anything that we can not find in Scripture must be rejected. Completely rejected!

I cry when I see these videos that people are sending me from across the country. Entire congregations out of control, falling on the floor, laughing hysterically, staggering around like drunkards, twisting like snakes, howling like wild beasts. We have evangelists who stands up and blows on the people to get them to fall, as if the Holy Spirit were embodied in him. Casts its brand jacket at people and says it is "the Lord's hand."

A new gospel has just come to America. Friends, it's rough and raw, but I tell you. When you leave the Word parameter, when you say: "This is something new, God is doing something new? I do not understand it, it is not in writing, but I do not want to resist the Holy Spirit. "

Friends, if it is not in the Bible, we must resist it. The latest is that you can not enter the kingdom of God if you do not like a little child. People come dressed in diapers so that they can make their needs during meetings. It is the latest. Friends, where will it end?

A pastor said: "It has gone so far, that one day, an evangelist stand up and say, I have received a revelation from the Lord, it is time to start worshiping Mary." It will go the point where.

Another evangelist calls himself the Holy Ghost bartender. He says, "Come to the bar and drink of the Holy Spirit." They call it the drink of the new wine. I hear the prophet's words ringing in my ears, "the Lord's day is here, evil prevails, Weep between the court and the altar. Put on the sack of clothes. Fixed and grieve for the fallen people. "

Jesus will come. The masses are still unreached. When I see Christians go to what they call the Holy Spirit bar, staggering like a drunken man, will Joel's words to me clearly, "wake up, you are drunk, and weep, all you who drink new wine because the harvest field perishes."

Souls of thousands die, so what are you laughing at? That the Holy Spirit will have to work everywhere on earth. You must be able to take it to the most abject and vile places. You must be able to take it to the poor countries. You must take it to the dregs of humanity, and it must work there. It can not work only in the rich America. It has to work everywhere on earth.

I challenge these people to take their laughing gospel into the Balkans now. Go to the refugee camps where the women crying because their men have been shot. Their daughters have been raped. Their children are hungry. They have lost their homes, so ask them to go to the bar - The Holy Spirit wants them to laugh. This so-called revival coming to Madison Square Garden this summer. If you can script, you are carrying the burden of the solemn assembly, how would you be willing to take up such a doctrine.

Let me tell you who's laughing. World. The ungodly Gentiles. It has become a spectacle. In a time so close to the coming of Christ when the church of Jesus Christ should be trapped in the secret closet of prayer. When should weep for the lost. When it would have a desire to forsake all and follow Jesus. When ever the dollar bill should be mentioned. The American god. The American avgudadyrkandet. World watching this madness and you know what they think - that the Holy Spirit is a ringmaster. It is a charismatic circus.

I do not care what people think anymore. I do not care if people do not want the newsletter anymore. I care about their souls and the fact that so many are blinded. I have an obligation before God to stand before the congregation that He has called me to serve, and warn you and say that these reproaches to the solemn church, and the Bible says that you shall mourn over it. The elders will provide. The church, the pastor, the servants, the Evangelists. We should be praying down these strongholds.

Finally, a reproach of belittling Assembly demoralization. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil - that calls darkness for light and light for darkness. That makes it bitter sweet and sweet bitter. (Jer 23:15). I have seen terrible things in the prophets. They commit adultery, they walk in falsehood, the evidence of the wicked hands and no return from the evil.

I received a letter this week from a furious Christian woman. She said, "My husband, who calls himself a Christian, is a great player, he plays for the millions." She said, "I've been so worried about the dangers and the company that he has." I thought, "I ask him to go to the pastor."

She said, "Brother Wilkerson, you do not know what happened, I'm so angry, hurt and confused. I sent our multi-million gambling husband of our pastor. "

He said, "I have searched the scripture from 1 Genesis to Revelation, and I can not find anything in Scripture that speak against gambling. I see no sin in it, so have fun. "He was stunned," how can a man of God to say such a thing to my husband? "

This is exactly what Jeremiah said, "pastors proving evildoers hands and no one turns back from his wickedness." He explains why they have belittled Assembly demoralization and why they call evil good and good evil and bitter sweet and sweet bitter.

He said, "Prophets have committed adultery, and walk in falsehood." Anyone who has sin in his life will not stand up and speak about sin in the camp. He is convinced of his own adultery, his own sin and his own evil mind.

I do not draw any servants in the country over a comb. The majority of the servants fire for God. There are young servants who are purified in this evil age. I have met many of them and I thank God for them. Even in this city, I have met some of the most righteous preachers I've met in my entire life.

Scores of servants with me feel the grief and they are looking and waiting for voices that can reveal what is evil. "If they had stood in my courts and got my people to hear my words - if they had spoken what is in my heart. If they had spoken from the mind of God, they would have turned people away from their evil ways and their evil deeds. "

You can see if a man knows the Lord God says about the other, "I have not sent them, I have not spoken to them, they speak out of their own imagination. Out of the evil in their hearts.

"They speak visions from their own heart, I did not send them. I have not spoken to them. They say to those who despise me, 'The Lord said, You shall have peace,' and they say to everyone who walks after his own heart and his own fantasies 'no evil shall come upon you.' " The reproach to the solemn assembly would be the greatest sorrow for all those who love Christ and His Church. This would be the greatest sorrow in their hearts - the reproach of his name and his congregation. Crying over the state Assembly. When you take a stand, and when you take the Lord's burden to you, through prayer and fasting. Every child of God need to pray that all who are caught in this to be freed. Do not touch it, do not go near it, if you go there out of curiosity, it will ensnare you for it appeals to all that is of the flesh.

Until you know how to deal with your meat in the Holy Spirit, so stay away from it. Jeremiah said, "The Lord your God in your midst is powerful. He will save, He will rejoice over you with singing. He will rest in his love. He will rejoice over you with singing. "

Why? Because he has found a people who grieve over what grieves His heart. Carrying the burdens he carries, the reproach of formal township.

This will be a "love trap". You will hear. "We love everyone. It does not matter what you preach. It does not matter if you are successful. It does not matter what your gospel is - or anything else. Let's give each other a big hug. "How can two walk together without agreeing. How can you walk with it you do not agree with, which is unbiblical habits, you can not. It is a love trap. They say, "do not judge anyone."

That is not what the Bible says. It says that we shall judge the righteous judgment. Reproach and reprimand with patience. I do not stand on a soap dish, I'm standing on a rock. God is trying to save you, Ward.

What is God's riches in Jesus Christ? God's peace, God's wisdom, his Christ, all that is in Christ is ours.

Friends, beware! Beware!

Have I scared you? Are you ready to take on the burden of the Lord. You can not do it in your own flesh. Turn yourself with God.

The time has come to call a solemn assembly. If you have any of these tapes or books, throwing them out of your house. Do not give them away, burn them. If someone invites you to join these meetings, then say, "I'm sorry, I do not want to be starved of the word and I do not want my heart to dry and wither. I want the pure word from the Lord that allowed me to grow. I do not want any message that appeals to my flesh, or that create greed in my heart. "

God provides with what we need and he does wonders, but he does it in his own way. Not by misappropriating and misusing Scripture.

Abraham was not looking for the underground, he looked for a city that was built and created by God.

Mr Svensson - David Wilkerson

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