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Islam wants to take over in Sweden

There is a spiritual battle for our country between Christianity and Islam.

Islam wants to take over in Sweden

There are many Muslims in recent years in our country has chosen the Christian path, away from hatred and violence. That is the positive side of things, while the Islamist threat increases.

Av Holger Nilsson
onsdag, 25 september 2019 19:20

Integration - a key issue

Leading politicians are now talking about that integration is a crucial issue. Clearly it can hardly be said.

Obviously, it's not so smart to take lightly a crucial issue. What can we do about this serious matter? The sad answer is "not very" or "almost nothing".

The reason for this pessimism is what a scientist, Professor Ruud Koopman concluded. He has over 20 years researching the integration and assimilation among Muslims in Europe.

In the Norwegian newspaper Document can read what he's come up with. His conclusion is: Islam allows not reconciled with democracy and Western societies. It is undoubtedly harder to integrate Muslims than other groups of immigrants in Western societies.

Already in 2013 Koopman published a report with accompanying survey shows that two-thirds of those surveyed Muslims believe that religious rules are more important than the law of the country they live in.

No Western society has succeeded in integrating Muslims. Thus, it is an illusion that Sweden would achieve what no other country has succeeded.

This is because it is about a different culture, religion, and a mindset that conflict with the Swedish society.

A solution is, however, and that is when Muslims will convert to the Christian faith. There are many examples of those who have taken this step, the best have managed to integrate into society.

Despite this, select the Migration Board still to expel many of these Christian converts, while the large number - those who do not want to integrate - remain. This could prove to be a devastating mistake!

Islam wants to take over in Sweden

If you react to the title so read this article and see examples of what is happening in our country.

Soheila Fors has a dramatic fl utet, she was born in Iran and came later to Sweden. Today she is a steadfast Christian and has experience of both Islam of Christian faith. In an article in The World Today she tells us about an event:

"It happened in the square when I had the caucus and she came to confront me. The veil was sitting perfectly, like the disdainful smile. So began the conversation that was not a conversation without a hearing. When she is not getting anywhere, it was time to threaten: We have come here to take over. No one should have to learn Swedish, everyone should speak Arabic. When we have power, will also be forced to wear the veil.

The call gave a bad taste in my mouth because I have met so many like her so many times. It is the religious dictatorship cattle that always sound the same, both in the 1980s Iran in the 2020's Sweden. "

We will give a different picture of Sweden, namely from Hjällbo, a suburb of Gothenburg. World Today gives a picture of what happened when three Christians evangelized in the Square.

Then there was a guy from the gang and says: "You have three minutes to take you from here, or I'll shoot you."

The incident took place during Ramadan and the gang also expressed that "All fast here. We are Muslims. We do not want you here. "

The following comments were uttered words of Muslims: "We have come here to take over" and "We do not want you here."

This shows that there is a spiritual battle for our country between Christianity and Islam. It is now high time for Christians and politicians to wake up and take these events seriously. 

The Islamists are increasing in Sweden

No one should think that Sweden is a protected corner of the world the influence of Islamists. A SAPO report shows the sharp increase of Islamists in Sweden.

On TV, teletext and several other media could be June 11 to take part of the FBI's alarming figures on the number of Islamists in Sweden.

Fredrik Hallström, deputy head of the counterterrorism says: "We are worried about the growth." It is also said in the report: "The authority is now going on the offensive is linked to the number of radical Islamists in Sweden increased sharply in recent years, from hundreds to thousands of. In May, already has six prominent Islamists have been detained. "

There are now thousands (!) Islamists in Sweden. One of these can be said to constitute a potential threat to the security of our country. It's probably only a matter of time before we can begin to see radical Islamists to act in any way.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of Muslims in Sweden in recent years.

In the wake of this also follows a sharp increase in Islamic. The Islamists are willing to do anything in the name of their religious beliefs, including blowing up in the air to kill the others.

In June, the Security Service to expel two imams (!), Who has been active in the mosques. Other members of the radical Islamist environment has also been detained by the Security Service.

The ordinary Muslim should we love and try to win for Jesus. Jesus' love makes a Muslim to a loving followers of Jesus instead of becoming Islamists.

There are many Muslims in recent years in our country has chosen the Christian path, away from hatred and violence. That is the positive side of things, while the Islamist threat increases.

If you are reading this are Muslim you should know that you are loved by God. Therefore do the same as so many other and open up to the message of love.

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