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Himlen TV7

The program In the front seat a viewer success

- This series is not about drawing people to the channel but to Jesus, says Per Åkvist.

In the front seat.

Image: The world today.

The success of Himlen TV7's program series in the front seat has been immediate.

Christer ÅbergAv Christer Åberg
söndag, 15 november 2020 20:16

Viewer success

I got to be part of the first program in Himlen TV7's evangelism initiative In the front seat. So far, 22 programs have been recorded, and in addition to my program, one more program has been shown. In that program, Faisal Alami is interviewed, who on the program page is described as the former " drug king over Lidingö ". The success of these programs has been immediate.

"The program has already been about everyone else when it comes to watching. It has even been about our most popular program to date, Israel News, which is broadcast every night," says Per Åkvist.

Wipe away the tears

The series "In the front seat" has been produced by the TV channel's evangelist Per Åkvist. For a quarter of an hour, he rides around in borrowed luxury cars and talks to a passenger who shares his testimony and encourages prayer.

"I have had to stop and dry my tears during the recording. Then it is a huge joy to hear people tell about their life-changing moments with Jesus," says Per Åkvist.

Two programs have been broadcast so far

The world today writes :

Guests in the two episodes that have been broadcast so far are the blogger Christer Åberg and Faisal Alami, respectively, who on the program page are described as the former "drug king over Lidingö".

Faisal Alami | In the front seat (the drug dealer who found peace with God)

"Faisal was the drug king over Lidingö and ruled with fear. When life began to go downhill, he abdicated before King Jesus."

Christer Åberg | In the front seat (Lost two family members but found the way back to joy)

"The only thing that carries is Jesus. Christer Åberg has experienced this through life's tough challenges. Christer is a blogger and author and runs, among other things."

Evangelism tools

Himlen TV7 hopes that congregations and individuals will embrace the program as a tool in their evangelism. Right now, thoughts are developing on how a viewer should be able to get a bible or other follow-up material, the world writes today.

Watch upcoming programs on Himlen TV7 .

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