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Season start in Heaven TV7: A country born in pain

"If Israel had been the Holocaust not happened."

Season start: A country born in pain

Series of the Century miracle sent in Heaven TV7.

See the first program "A country born in pain," and also the following, where Minnie also participate.

Christer ÅbergAv Christer Åberg
söndag, 22 september 2019 15:11

The Christian Heaven TV7 begins sending back the Century miracle. There are total of eight new programs describing developments in Israel after the country was declared in 1948 to the late 1960s. 

See seasonal star's first program "A country born in pain," and also the following, where Minnie also participate.

In April 1944, Minnie with his family by train to Auschwitz. Her mother, father and nephew went in one direction, Minnie and her two sisters in the other. It was the last time Minnie saw their parents.

Then had the Holocaust not happened

Minnie says in the program:

"If Israel had been the Holocaust not happened."

Hostess is Ruben Agnarsson from Heaven TV7 and Max Federmann from the Jewish National Fund.

century miracle

SEASON START 23/9: Episode 9: A country born in pain

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lördag 31 oktober 2020 11:22
Jesus befria en person från det mörker den befinner sig i. Inget är omöjligt för dig.

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