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The universe was created by God's word

They ignore the fact that in all the times that people have believed that the earth is round. Even the Bible speaks of a round earth!

Round Earth.

The lie of the land would be flat have come from atheists who wanted to discredit and ridicule Christians. So the lie originated from opponents of the Christian faith! This lie has thus some Christians embraced and accepted!

Christer ÅbergAv Christer Åberg
onsdag, 16 oktober 2019 23:49

As you know, I have an article and video found that our earth is round. This need not be a scientist to understand. You just have to go out on a clear night and look up at the stars you can see that they extend around the globe.

But when you take up this subject as triggered some started right away and trying with an almost obsessive preaching get the rest of us to believe in a flat earth. As usual, they are not many who proclaim heresies, but they do an incredible beings. And not enough arguments, which they obviously do, then one or become aggressive. And this is about something reveals that there is something wrong and unhealthy.

One might think that it does not matter if some Christians (for there are indeed some Christians) who believe in a flat earth, but it is not innocent. Releasing a lie, then it is easy to let other things too. There's a flat earth proponents, such as do not believe that the Holocaust of six million Jews took place during World War II. 

The lie of atheists

The lie of the land would be flat have come from atheists who wanted to discredit and ridicule Christians. So the lie originated from opponents of the Christian faith! This lie has thus some Christians embraced and accepted!

It was back in the 1800's as atheists came up with the lie that Christians believe or have believed that the earth is flat. You've probably heard the lie to the Christian Middle Ages the church believed in a flat earth and the priests warned Christopher Columbus to travel around the world because they were afraid of falling off from the flat edge of the earth. But this is a lie and is called a  factoid . That is a lie that has become facts but still just a lie.

And drop the lies in your life, it can confuse your Christian faith so you start to doubt Jesus and might eventually leave him. So this is very dangerous. There is every villoläras goals that you will get confused, start to doubt so that you leave the faith of Jesus so that you will not be saved.

Preached a round earth

The sermons in the Middle Ages was held contrary to what many believe not in Latin but in the vernacular. And in the sermons were treated creation scheme, including the Earth's spherical shape.

The Norwegian Konungaspegeln from the 1200s is a grassroots publication that mentions the earth's shape and educational explains to the reader that he should think of the earth as an apple hanging freely. If you then for a light around the apple, as explained day and night, and climatic differences between the Nordic countries and the countries around the equator.

Petrus de Dacia, commonly referred as Sweden's first author, was a Dominican monk from Gotland. In his writings are the earth ball shape obvious.

Dome but no universe

Plat Believers say that the earth is a flat round disc and this disc is a dome. In this dome, the sun is the stars and the moon attached but this is to diminish God. God by this faith did not create the universe, but he has created a soil with a dome and some stars, the sun and moon on. There is nothing in space.

What a small God, I do not believe. They have reduced God. I believe in a big powerful God who created the whole universe.

This was one of the reason I got saved when I first heard about God's love. I thought that if God exists, he must have created all this big. Thus the universe the earth and everything. And all this great God loves me.

The universe was created by God's word

To believe that God has created a flat disc with a dome of stars and the moon and the sun are attached to is to really reduce our great and mighty God. My God is so powerful and so great that he has created the whole universe and the earth with His Word!

Hebrews 13: 3rd "By faith we understand that the universe was created by God's word , so that it is visible not made out of what we can see."

Flat Earth proponents deny the universe's existence. But here it is clear that the universe was created by God's word. The universe exists beyond doubt - the Bible says so.

By faith we understand

If you now find it difficult to understand that God created the whole vast universe, you should do what we read in the verse:

Hebrews 13: 3rd " By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God ..."

We must believe ! And by faith understand  us that the universe was created by God's word. If you want to understand: the faith! By faith, you understand. But you can not understand the former faith. Faith will always be the former. The understanding comes after. By faith you will understand.

To my great surprise

It was in 2017 that I discovered to my surprise that there are those who believe that the earth is flat. There are those who are not Christians who believe it, and to my further surprise, there are Christians who believe that!

They argue that it is a conspiratorial lie from our authorities that the earth would be round. They ignore the fact that in all the times that people have believed that the earth is round. Even the Bible speaks of a round earth.

The flat earth is round

Did you know that the Bible's creation story in Genesis describes a round earth? If we read the Bible bokstsavligt we see that it describes a round earth, a round sun, a round moon and stars round. 

There are those who have reacted after my article about the dangerous flat earth doctrine that there are those who believe in a flat earth and also propagate it. They find it very strange. Before I came across this, I did not think there were so very many who thought the earth was flat.


A Christian friend thought it was strange when he had read about this on my blog site, but then he found himself two pieces were convinced that the earth is flat.

A long time ago I saw a television program on common Swedish TV that was about an American group said that the Earth is platt.De are fully confident that we have been cheated and that it is history's greatest lies and conspiracy that the earth would be round. It also can not argue with them because they have been arguing for argument that the Earth is flat. Points you there are pictures so they just waving it off by saying: "They are photo jumped!"

Distorting the Bible text

Yes there are even Christians who are firmly convinced that the earth is flat. And when they refer to the Bible. There are other flat earth believers who profess other religions as Islam and New Age that is convinced a flat earth. It seems like a flat earth believers are ekumeniker then they can agree about a flat Earth.

But for the Christian to have the Bible to mean that the earth is flat then he must distort the biblical text considerably and snatch it out of context. To read the Bible as it really is, you see clearly that the Bible teaches that the earth is round!

In fact you do not even need science to help prove that the earth is round. You only need to read the Bible through the ages have been true, and it is true now.


Let's look at what the Bible says about creation. God created the earth in the beginning. This he did on the first day. Four days later, God created the sun moon and stars. It was the great lights. The Bible says that the sun was bigger than the moon. They were not as big.

The flat earth believers say that the sun and moon are equal and have the same distance from Earth. This is not consistent with the Bible. The Bible says that the moon is smaller than the sun. So they are not equal.

Those who say that the sun and moon are equal speak against God's word. It thus gives the Bible the science right, and by the way, when I think about it, you just have to look up at the sky to see that they are of different sizes and these heavenly bodies are different.

These false teachers also say that the sun and moon are the same thing. They are the same kind of light. It's just that the moon's light shines a little weaker. They mean to say that the moon is a burning orb in the same way as the sun. Yes really a burning ball. They argue that there is a spotlight bulb light upon the earth, and then they say that the sun is a kind of light that shines on Earth.

We have looked up at the sun and we have seen that there is a burning ball. If the moon which would also be a burning orb, how can the same picture of the moon and its craters to be the same year after year? Why not change the lunar landscape of the moon consists of a burning inferno? These mean that it is a lie that the moon reflects the sun's rays toward Earth.

To get this view has to scramble the words of the Bible, and that's exactly what they do when they are trying to force this view by claiming that God created the two lights equal. In other words, the moon light to be the same as the sun, but to bring together this you have to distort and misunderstand the word of God conscious.

When God says about the lights that does not mean the same thing that's the same kind of light. He says the sun is higher and the moon is smaller in the biblical text. So it's two different kinds of light.

Moreover, the Bible is not a scientific treatise. The Bible is written for you to think and find the way to salvation is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. That is why the Bible book there. It is not written to give a scientific treatise. But the line with scientific discoveries. The two can not talk to each other.


The sun would rule the day and the moon would rule the night. Even here you can see that the earth is round. Otherwise it would not be day and night. If we read the Bible as it is when it never gets any funny business. But when we begin to put mind and human thoughts then it will be crazy, and we can get the wrong whatsoever. It can lead to the heresy whatsoever, which we have seen many examples.

Flat Earth hysteria leads to other heresies. They believe that Jews are behind all the evil in the world. I have come to the flat earth believers do not believe in the Holocaust, the Jewish genocide during World War II, when six million Jews were murdered simply because they were Jews.

Instead, they believe that this is a lie created by the Jews themselves to thus get empathy so that they can return to their land of Israel. Even it is so that they do not believe that it is God who is behind the Land of Israel.

They do not believe that God gave the Jews of Israel in 1948. Instead, they believe that it is the devil. Do you notice the making flat earth belief can lead to? - Even more lies and deceptions! 

Earth, sun, moon, stars

Now let's go back to what God's word says. Those who believe in a flat earth means that the earth is a flat round disk that is down. They also say that the sun is a flat round disk and the moon as well. But this is not so easy to find out. It's just looking up at the sky from the sun and the moon and you will see that they are round balls.

Now, be careful when you see the sun. It can be dangerous to look at the sun. You can become blind. Therefore, you need to have great protection for your eyes when you see the sun.

As the sun and the moon is round, then it is of course also the earth round. Did God be so ambivalent that he creates in different ways? Of course not! The Earth and the sun and the moon are created round. God has not walked away from his creation principle. He uses the same principle when he created the earth, the sun moon and stars. 

We have to go against God's order of creation to bring together a flat earth. We must therefore go against the word of God, what is written about the story and the story of creation.

mete times 

The sun and the moon would mete times, but these times can only be seized if the earth is round. Otherwise, not chronology to work. Days and months could never be counted out if the earth was round.

Again, you see now in this creation that the Bible describes a round earth. There are other places in the Bible about a round earth but even here in the Bible's first blade described a round round earth and nothing else. It describes a round earth as it is described a round moon, and also described round stars. Point!

The moon is interesting to know that the moon is not always round? Sometimes it's just a crescent. Sometimes it's just a small crescent, and sometimes can not see the moon at all different times. This is because the Earth shades the Moon circular. It would be impossible to get such a shadow if the earth had been round.

To raise a flat ground then you have to go against your mind. You have to go against what your eyes see and deny reality. Belief in the reality and believe what you see, because you will not be wrong.

We now have that looked at the creation of the Bible and concluded that God created a round earth, a round sun, a round moon and stars round. God speaks of a round earth in other places also in the Bible.

The water above the firmament

Before we end this article, I must mention an important point to flat earth proponents farming highlight. They say that on the flat ground, it is a dome. The dome is the sky, they say, and above the dome there is a lot of water.

This may sound how crazy any time but the fact is that you can actually find scripture on it. It is written that God created a firmament in the midst of the water, and separated the water above the vault and the water under the vault. Here the flat earth believers an argument. And they think they've found a really good argument. And it is difficult to disprove if you have poor knowledge of God's Word the Bible. It is actually in the Bible text that there is water above the firmament.

But we know today that there is no water there. When they went to the moon from 1969 to 1972 so we are told nothing about that they went through a sea of ​​water above the firmament. The reason of course is that there is no water there. The Bible explains in a very simple way how things actually are. Therefore, we should always read the Bible. Then we get the answer.

When God created the earth as it was really water around the sky. Something else we can not understand the Bible text. It was so, but because we know that the water is not there today, something must have happened to the disappeared. When this occurred, and when the water disappeared? How did it happen? The Bible has been a fantastic response.

Noah and the flood 

People lived in sin, and the earth was filled with violence and wickedness. When God decided to destroy all life on Earth by soaking it in water. But God is not a bloodthirsty God who wants to sudden death. No, he is the God of love who wants to rescue and salvation. Therefore, he wanted to save the righteous Noah and his family.

This would be done by, he built an ark, a giant boat. They would bring two pairs of every animal of the earth, and so be saved. Noah built the ark, and the flood came. All life that were not in the ark, both humans and animals, drowned, killed and perished when the flood came.

When the flood came, this was done very quickly. Quickly filled the earth by water. Earth was a water planet. How could the earth be completely filled by water? How did it happen and how did it go so fast?

The Bible says that God opened the windows of heaven and deep sources. Then there was water above the heavens, above the firmament. It is the water that we have talked about. God opened the heavenly windows so that the water could gush down to earth. He drained simply heavenly reservoirs. He drained the heavenly water tanks. The water that was above the sky and filled the earth with the water with water from deep sources. That's why we do not see any water today above the firmament.

The Bible always has an answer to give. The Bible gives you a healthy faith. Do you read it then you will not be wrong.

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