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Christian faith ... is it me?

Christian faith

What is a Christian? Who is a Christian? How do I become a Christian? ... many people go around wearing questions about what it really means to be a Christian. This book from 1988 by Luis Palau want to try to give an answer to your questions!


From booklet Christian faith ... is it me? Issued on Evangeliepress Förlags AB 1988

A Christian, what is it?

"Am I a Christian or not?" It is the most important question you can ask yourself and answer.

A Sunday school teacher asked her class once: - Boys, do you know why my neighbors say that I am a Christian? Nobody answered.

The teacher who was a little offended then said: Listen you guys, why do my neighbors that I am a Christian, do you? Nobody answered.

But finally lifted a frightened little boy up his hand and said: - Miss, maybe it's because they do not know you. My grandfather was born outside Edinburgh in Scotland. He belonged to the Scottish Presbyterians, but definitely preferred Scots Presbyterians in front! The day my grandfather died, I sat with him at the British Hospital in Buenos Aires in Argentina and tried to lead him to Christ. But he did not believe, and he died without having had to know Jesus Christ.

You may be a Sunday school teacher or a member of a fine church, but one day you still need to ask yourself: Am I really a Christian? That is why I have written this little booklet. Ask God that He will help you understand when you read. It can be very helpful for you to know that you are forgiven and that you have come to know God as your Heavenly Father.

People may have the strangest ideas about what characterizes a Christian. For example:

You are not a Christian because you believe in God

Thousands of people believe in God, but they are not Christians. A guy asked another in a hostel: - Do you believe in God?

- Certainly, he replied.

- Who is God to you? continued the other.

I do not know. Eight out of ten in England say they believe there is a God. But the fi esta have no idea who he is. Colonel James Irwin, known for its journey to the moon with Apollo 15, told me that when he was in a Muslim country, said a Muslim leader to him:

- You talk so much about God, why are not you a Muslim?

Do you understand what I mean? If you can be a Muslim and believe in God, then, it is not faith in God makes you a Christian!

I have a good friend who believes in exercise. But he never exercise. He has twenty kilos overweight and hopelessly untrained.

I know countless small boys who believe in soap's ability. But they are not a jot cleaner for it. Faith itself makes no difference. That is why belief in itself does not make you a Christian.

You are not a Christian because you go to church

People go to church all the time - for many different reasons. But because they are not Christians. Even some thieves go to church.

Some go to church out of habit. Others do it because their family forces them to it.

It is true that Christians go to church, but it is not the church visits that make them Christians.

You are not a Christian because you're

Well, Christians pray. But that does not mean you are a Christian, just because you ask. Hindus pray all the time. Muslims pray five times a day.

Egypt's late President Sadat had always brought a small rug when he went to kneel on and pray five times a day. But he was a Muslim -not Christian. It is prayer that makes you a Christian.

You are not a Christian because you are living a good life

To live a clean, moral life becomes no Christian of. Many atheists live right and proper. But how does one what is good? That is the question. Most people have a skewed idea of ​​the real meaning of goodness. Compared with Jack the Ripper, for instance, you would probably be canonized. Even if you compare yourself with your family and friends, maybe you could get by

pretty good. But God measures the goodness in a completely different way. He compares you with his son Jesus who is perfect. Compared with this fullness, our own goodness rather pitiful.

A woman hung proudly her Monday washing. It shone in the January sun. Then it started suddenly snow - and the truth came out. Next to God whiteness saw her white wash very gray.

Compared with the goodness of God is our own goodness as others Accad.

Please remember that there have always been many "good" people in this world. So if there was enough goodness of God would not have had to send Jesus. The fact that Jesus had to die on the cross so that we could be forgiven, shows that no one is a Christian because he is good.

You are not a Christian because you read the Bible

Christian love, of course, the Bible. Some of us read it daily. But you are not a Christian just because you read the Bible.

When Karl Marx was fifteen years old, he wrote a fantastic explanation of part of John's Gospel. Great theologians agree with what he wrote, but Marx never regarded himself as a Christian.

And Nikita Khrushchev, the former head of government in Russia, read the Bible when he was a teenager. Still, he focused on eradicating the Christian Church in the Soviet Union. Read the Bible as much as you can, but remember that it's not what makes you a Christian.

You are not a Christian because you are talking about Jesus Christ

Many talk about Jesus, and they even have much good to say about him. There may be teachers, pastors or church leaders, for example. But they may not even believe what the Bible says about Jesus is true. They might talk about a Jesus that fits into their personal opinion, rather than on the historical and biblical Jesus.

You are not born a Christian

I have met people who said: 

 - I was born in a Christian country, so it is clear attjag Christian. What else would I be?

The answer is that they can be a lot different. Someone may have been born in a stable, but he ärju not a horse for it. Nor will any one airplanes because he was born on a fl ygplats.

Who is a Christian?

Luis, you might say now, if you do not become a Christian by believing in God, go to church, pray, behave morally, read the Bible and talk about Jesus, how do you become a Christian? Who is a Christian, really? 

I shall mention three basic principles from the Bible that answers the question. 

A Christian has found The Road of Life

The Bible says that it is Christians who have found the path of life. Jesus said: 

"I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. "(Jn. 14: 6) 

Notice that Jesus did not say that He will show you the way! He says: "I am the way. "

Jesus also says that there is a wide and a narrow road. He says that the broad road leads to destruction, and many go on it. (Mat. 7: 13)

So who is the Christian? First, it has been found a Christian way of life as opposed to the road that leads to death. And the way of life is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. , You feel like you do not know where you are going? You may have been lost. When you become a Christian, you have found the path of life.

Then ask: - How is this path, the path of life?

It is the way of peace. You have peace of heart when you walk Jesus' way. Jesus told his disciples: "Peace lâmnarjag remain with you, my peace I give you. I give unto you: not as the world gives. "(Jn. 14: 27) God's peace is a gift available to all of us.

When you walk the path of Christ, you have an inner peace, something incredibly calm in your heart. Your life will be whole again. The road of life is also the way of purity. The Bible says: "Blessed are the pure in heart: they shall see God." (Matt. 5: 8)

If you're doing things that are sinful and immoral, if you do not deal honestly in school, at work, .in business, leisure or home, then you are not a Christian. You might be a nice guy who elevates mood at parties, but you are not a Christian because Jesus' way is the way of purity. ,

When you come to Jesus, He purifies your heart and give you the power to live a righteous life.

The way of life in Christ is also the way of love. 

"Everyone should understand that you are my disciples, if you have another kärrIek," says the Bible. (Jn. 13: 35) 

It also says in the Bible: 

"We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. "(1 Jn. 3: 14) 

Today has taken away the love its true meaning. The word love is used to describe how a person uses another's feelings for his own selfish sake. It is not love. Real love means that we want someone else the very best, but given what it may cost to ourselves.

As you walk the path of life, it means that you only have a gentleman in his life. Anyone who is a Christian should only serve one master. The Bible speaks of Jesus as Lord of lords and King of all kings. A Christian act in accordance with it. Jesus is your Lord and King. What He says goes.

King's servant waiting for the slightest hint to immediately rush out and meet the king's desire. A soldier who is a great leader willingly obey every order. A genuine Christian gives God the authority over his life. We go where He wants us to go. We do what He wants us to do. And we do not care what it costs us in terms of our comfort, our reputation or if we receive additional complaints.

Jesus has every right to govern that way. Remember that he is no supremacy because he has inherited his authority from his ancestors a king or nobleman doing. Nor He rules with terror as a dictator.

Jesus is Lord and King because it was He who created us. It was He who gave his life for us, and it is He who always does what is best for us. 'A Christian has eternal life

Eternal life is completely different from the physical life that we all have. There is an over fl consuming and fuller life now. Jesus Christ said:

"I have come that they should have IIV, and life one over fl ed." (Jn. 10: 10)

Life with Christ is a life lived in the way God intended it to be lived. He formed you to live that way. This is why it is of others consuming.

Eternal life will never end. It continues after physical death -i forever and ever.

Do you have eternal life? You might reply:

- I'm not really sure, maybe a little.

It's kind of like asking someone: Are you with the kids and get the answer: - A little bit. Or like asking someone if he is married and he replies:

- I hope so.

This is something that you can be absolutely sure. You can be equally sure that you are a Christian and have eternal life.

Jesus Christ said: 

"I give them (those who follow me) eternal life and they shall never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. "(John. 10: 28) 

It is a triple promise! Do you have this triple security? First, Jesus says: 

"I give them eternal life."


"They will never perish." 

For the third: 

"No one will snatch them out of my hand." 

What else can you ask for? Anyone who is a Christian has discovered that all three of these statements are true.

The Bible says: 

"He who has the Son has life." (1 Jn. 5: 12) 

In other words, Christ comes to live in you. Eternal life is to have Jesus in their heart! Can you say, "Yes, I have eternal life. I remember the day Jesus came into my heart "?

A Christian is a child of God

One who is a Christian has been born into the family of God and have become a child of God. Now you might say: 

- Luis, I thought all the children of God. Is not God the Father of all mankind? According to the Bible, God created all people. He is the Father of them all. There are many people who do not even want him to be their father.

You become a member of God's family by being born into it. The Lord Jesus said: 

"Except a man be born again, he can not see the kingdom of God. "(John. 3: 3) 

What does it mean?

There are two kinds of births. First, the physical birth when we come out of our mother's womb.

But to be the son of a spiritual father requires a spiritual birth. It happens when we repent of our sins and believe and trust in Jesus Christ.

We celebrate our first birthday with parties and gifts Birthday. But what has become of the second-birth? If you are born twice? Have you ever been born the second time? If not, then you need to make a decision. It involves either accept or reject Jesus Christ. The Bible says: 

"Yet to all who received him, he gave the right to become God's bam, to them that believe on his name." (Jn. 1: 12)

You say: 

- Luis, I have lived a rotten life. How could I become a child of God?

A few years ago when I was in America, I had a private conversation with one of South America's presidents, a general.

- Mr. President, I said, have you ever met Jesus personally?

The president smiled and said: 

- Palau, I have lived such a miserable life that I do not think God would get to know me very well.

- God loves you and has big plans for you, 'I said.

- Palau, if you knew the life I lived, you would never say that God loves me. I have done a lot worse.

- Mr President, it does not matter what you have done. Christ died on the cross for you and He loves you. If you know him, you can meet Him right now.

We continued talking and I explained what Christ's death on the cross does, how He died there on the cross to take our punishment on himself, for all we had done wrong. I said: - Would you like to open your heart to Christ right now?

He hesitated slightly and said seriously:

- If Christ will receive me, I would like to be a real Christian. We bowed our heads and prayed together. This general opened his heart to the son of God and received Jesus in their lives.

He believed that God would never receive him because of the life he lived. But then we stopped praying, he stood up and in a typical Latin American fashion, he gave me a big hug. - Thank you, he said, now I know that Jesus really received me and forgiven me.

Have you been through the same thing? Would you like to know if you have eternal life? Would you like to start walking in Jesus' way, and know that you are a child of God and going to heaven? Let me tell you how you can become a Christian right now as you read the little booklet.

Admit that your sins have separated you from God 

How does one become a Christian?

The Bible teaches that you must first admit your sin separates you from God. That's what I like about the Latin American president. He admitted that he was a sinner. He was so convinced of the evil and rebellion in his life that he did not believe that God would ever accept him. Have you ever recognized the things of God that you know have hurt Him? S älviskhet, pride, greed, immorality, and all the rest?

The Bible says: "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. "(Rom. 3: 23) This also applies to you and it's time to admit this to God and receive the forgiveness He wants to give you.

Faith in the Cross during

Then you have to believe in what Jesus has done for you on the cross. 1 ')

The Bible says Christ died for sins. "(1 Pet. 3: 18)

When Jesus died on the cross, it was for each of us could be forgiven. We deserve to be punished for the evil we have done in the eyes of God. But God sent his son to take upon herself the punishment on the cross.

It is as if a judge found someone guilty, myself would sit on the dock and receive judgment. What a wonderful love!

You may not understand how God could let his son take the punishment for your sins. But you do not understand everything at once. You just need to believe it's true. Nobody knows what electricity really is. Did you know that? Scientists are talking about it as a fundamental property of all matter. They can create electrical charges and utilize electricity. But, as a scientist at Stanford University said to me once: The electricity itself is unexplained.

N is you become a Christian you may not understand everything at first. But when you read the Bible and let God teach you, you will understand more and more.

You must accept Christ

The final step will be to have to accept Christ. You can not inherit the throne.

Do not say:

- My father was a good Christian and I was raised in a good Christian home. It does not make you a child of God.

You have to know Christ. All of us who belong to Christ have themselves come to Him. Have you come to Him yet?

Have you decided you?

You ask how. The best way I know is to simply bow their heads in prayer, confess their sins to God and in faith open your heart to Him. Believe in Jesus and receive Him. Pray this prayer: Heavenly Father. I want to be a true Christian. I realize that my sins have separated me from you. Forgive me. I believe in what Jesus did for me on the cross. I do not really, but I accept it in faith. I want Jesus to live in my heart. I want eternal life. I want to be your child. Come Lord Jesus into my life and make me your child right now. I'll follow you and obey you forever. Amen.

You belong to God now and will want to know H0nom better. The best way is to read the Bible. Start with the Gospel of Luke and read it as a story. But remember that God speaks to us through his word. When you read so see if there are examples you can follow or instructions to obey.

Let yourself be impregnated by the Bible. Your mind will then change as well as your thoughts and feelings as you read God's word.

Meet also other Christians. Locate a church where the Bible explains, where they preach the gospel and where the minister believes that the Bible is God's word. Go to church, speak to the pastor and say:

- I have received Jesus. See what happens. If the pastor there did not seem interested in helping you grow spiritually, you look right at another church that can help you instead.

Thirdly, start praying. You just talked to the Lord. He answered your prayer. He loves you. He is your Father. Communication is key to any relationship. Your relationship with God can only deepen as you talk to Him in prayer.


From booklet Christian faith ... is it me? Issued on Evangeliepress Förlags AB in 1988.

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