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O which scoop! - Lindberg were playing gitarboogie!

Lindberg were playing gitarboogie with pull players mixed bag in a crowded Halltorp Philadelphia!

Lindberg were  playing  gitarboogie  with pull players mixed bag in a crowded  Halltorp  Philadelphia!

On Saturday night visited Lindberg were in a crowded Halltorp Philadelphia with pull players mixed bag.

Lindberg were consisted this time of  Håkan BertilssonNenne LindbergTed SandstedtMartin Lindberg  and  Christer Åberg .

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Publicerat av Christer Åberg Sunday 15 October 2017 15:31 | #lindbergarna #salig blandning #halltorp #gitarrboogie | Direktlänk | Nyhetsbrev | RSS

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Härlig musik!

Var det ingen som började dansa bugg?☺

Svara -   - 15/10-17 16:35 -


Nämen nu går d för långt :p

Svara -   - 15/10-17 16:43 -



Svara -   - 16/10-17 00:00 -

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Watch out for the cuckoo

Text and photos by Reine Jonsson 

Cuckoo is fed by the extended pipe lark - Watch out for the cuckoo

An adult meadow lark pipe feeds a cuckoo. 

When gökägget hatched out cuckoo pushes out the poor little lark and cuckoo chicks are then autocrats and the only larch couple's favor. There after, he becomes more and more tougher in the nest against their foster parents and stress the couple constantly with her begging for more food.


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Pride flags in Gothenburg was taken down for Islam

Nancy Ajram

Picture from Youtube Nancy Ajram. 

When the Arab superstar Nancy Ajram came to Gothenburg mounted pride flags down. Since she appears to 99 percent in the Muslim world!


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Here are the new kids' fashion that makes the whole network to boil

Reader Mail by Katty 

painted horse

Picture: Facebook. 

These kids need to hear about the talk that Jesus can only find the faith in their lives! Even smear the entire Pony Pride with different colors! 


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Missionary Missions in the Philippines in September

Reader Mail by Jorgen Milton 

When I six years ago for the first time visited the Ati-people of the Philippines, I could not believe the love I would get to these people. 


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Man, you is not a pig!

Comment by Katrina 

Man, you is not a pig!

Picture: Aftonbladet. 

Man originated from pigs, it must be true because it says in Aftonbladet.


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A glimpse into the tribulation

By Mikael Walfridsson 

Sundial in the sand

When we talk about labor pains, it is really a preparation and a notice to that which the Book of Revelation predicts. 


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100 cars burned in several cities - terrorism offenses

Car fires in Gothenburg

Frölunda Torg in Gothenburg on Monday evening. Picture: Zagros Hama. 

Cars set on fire in several places in the Gothenburg area, but also in Trollhättan, Lysekil and Falkenberg. About 100 cars have been burned in the region.


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Pride affirms violence, sadism and drugs

Dogs in Pride

Pride affirms violence and sadism, and incite the visitors: "Enjoy the closeness and distance, tenderness and sadism, aesthetics and domination."


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Why get married?

Why go to get married?

Why get married? Is it to have sex or is there a larger purpose?


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Dog got the package - had to sign and proof of identity

One dog received a package from PostNord

Picture: Aftonbladet. 

The dog Chaya was a package in the mail from England. But to get the package was the dog itself had to retrieve it, show identification and sign with his paw that had been colored with an ink pad.


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Man, you're not a cat!


A few years ago I saw on Aftonbladet's web TV a young woman who thought she was a cat. 


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Do not turn back to Sodom

Sodom and Gomorrah

Lot was saved from sin city of Sodom when he was abducted by armies. But after Abram has intervened and rescued Lot and his family and the people as they returned to the city of sin. My friend: You must not turn back to Sodom after you have been saved. 


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Dödsskjutningar i Sverige

Dödsskjutningar i Sverige

Hittade den här statistiken på Facebook om antal dödsskjutningar i Sverige från 2006 till 2017. Det har ökats drastiskt!


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Word of Life's bookstore imbued with Catholic literature

Reader Mail by Pelle Lindberg 

No other gods by Arne Imsen

The book "No other gods" has sold more than I had dreamed. The first edition is now out. 


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He saw Stephen Hawking in hell and demons attacks on pastors

Reader Mail by nils 


The morning of 15 April 2018, I began, Cesar Sandova Honduras, worship the Lord and noon. 12 I saw the Lord began to show me new things. Thought that the Lord would continue to show more of the kingdom of heaven, but it was not so. When the Lord took my spirit from the body, but this time to the place of torment.


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What great Creator we have!

Must be seen! Watch this incredible video showing the great and powerful Creator God!


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What makes the thief?


"As you will understand that if the house owner knew when at night the thief came, then he would stay awake and not allow anyone broke into his house."


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In light came the gay out

In light came out

A poignant, thought-provoking documentary on Heaven TV7, where professionals share their insights and former homosexuals tell about themselves, about joy and sorrow and life-changing encounters.


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Dagens ord

Vecka 33, söndag 19 augusti 2018 kl. 03:52

Jesus söker: Magnus, Måns!

Vill du bli frälst och få alla dina synder förlåtna? - Be den här bönen:

Jesus, jag tar emot dig nu och bekänner dig som min Herre och Frälsare. Jag tror att Gud har uppväckt dig från de döda. Jag ber om förlåtelse för alla mina synder. Tack att jag nu är frälst. Tack att du har förlåtit mig och tack att jag nu är ett Guds barn. Amen.

Tog du emot Jesus i bönen här ovan?
» Ja!

Så älskade Gud världen att han utgav sin enfödde Son, för att var och en som tror på honom inte ska gå förlorad utan ha evigt liv. - Joh 3:16

Ramadan 2018

Så här många muslimska attentat och mord har det skett hittills under Ramadan 2018.

Swedish politician and father of small children arrested in Lebanon


For nearly a month, Roni Doumit, a Syrian Christian Swedish politician and father of small children, been arrested in Lebanon is obscure. 


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The consequences of gay marriage in Massachusetts


See the harrowing documentary "The consequences of gay marriage in Massachusetts' on Heaven TV7. 


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Christer Åberg still boast about Jesus

Christer Åberg - The blogger who boasts about Jesus

Chris is a known blogger among both Christians and non-Christians in Sweden. He offers Jesus in response to the current social and personal problems. Hostess is Daniela Persin.


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Christer Åberg in Apg29 TV

Christer Åberg in Apg29 TV.

With simple means I have done on my bedroom into a TV studio! How is that possible?


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Now you'll hear! - Apg29 by Christer Åberg

Now you'll hear! - Apg29 Christer Åberg. Christer Åberg playing and singing and talking about Jesus and Apg29.nu.


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The darkness of the Pride

The colorful dark

Claphaminstitutets report on the Pride. 

Pride showcases an affirmative attitude to drugs, sadism, pain and prostitution.


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A wider perspective

Reader Mail by David B 

Self-Centering was embarrassing preacher of Jonah in the Old Testament. He escaped God's call, but changed his mind at last after various setbacks. His escape from God was about to cost him his life. But although he finally did what God commanded him, so his attitude is self-centered.


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Aftonbladet appalled that marriage is the union of a man and woman

Aftonbladet appalled that marriage is the union of a man and woman

Picture: Aftonbladet.se. 

"Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Macedonia have even constitutions that define marriage as a union of man and woman, or other constitutional wording that prevents same-sex marriage," writes Aftonbladet in a pure fright.


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To adhere to Jesus - Theo and his friends

To adhere to Jesus - Theo and his friends on Heaven TV7.


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Sweden bomber God's judgment fires?

A JAS aircraft have bombed forest fire in Trängslet in Dalarna. 


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Europe will receive 159 million migrants by 2025, according to a UN report

Migrant Crisis planned?

Picture: voiceofeurope.com. 

Europe will receive 159 million migrants by 2025. This is revealed in a UN report from 2000.


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