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Ten years ago my wife Marie and our son Joel died

Ten years ago, on December 21 killed my wife just before 12 o'clock at night and our nyförlöste son Joel died since half past four in the morning of 22 December.

But on the gravestone says that both died December 22, 2008. The tomb is in Jönköping at the Woodland Cemetery. In the tomb there are two white coffins. A large chest, and a small chest that stands on the large.

If these events, I have written in the book the longest night. It is a moving and very dramatic and sad book, but points to the bright hope in Jesus Christ. You can still get the book if you want to order it. It costs 150 SEK. It is so cheap so I earn nothing on it. The book gives comfort and encouragement and points to hope in Jesus Christ. It is also an excellent evangelisationsbok. Buy it for yourself or give it to someone as a gift.

The book is called The longest night because it was the longest night of the year and the longest night of my life.

From the book The Longest Night

pages 101-103

I sat on our bed and worked on my blog site. It was half past eleven at night. In front of me I had put my laptop on a small wooden table that could collapse. Beside me was my beloved wife with her big belly and read in a newspaper. In the room next to our bedroom was Dessan and slept in his bed. Everything was quiet, everything was peaceful, and everything was fine. As it approached a christmas I worked with the Christmas and New Year greetings in many different languages ​​as I wanted to in my blog. When I was working on my list Marie folded up his newspaper and said:

"I go up to bed."

Marie snoring and now when she was heavily pregnant, her snoring worse. In order not to disturb me she wanted to go to bed in another room. Law had prepared in the larger Hal smooth and had put in a bed next to the desk. But for some reason I did not think Marie would go to sleep in a different room this night.

"Can not you stay?" I asked her. But she insisted that she wanted to sleep in the hall.

"Okay," I said, "but when you go to the bathroom you may well come in to me so that I do not sit for a long time with the computer '' Yes, I'll do that," she said, left the room and closed the door.

I continued to write my list of Christmas and New Year hole connections that I thought to publish. I was not a given that this peaceful evening in a moment would completely transformed when the bedroom door suddenly opened, just before twelve o'clock at night, and Marie entered. When I looked up from the computer screen and saw Marie, I thought oh well, it was time to stop.

"Chris ..."

It was the absolute last thing she said. She said my name with a very loving tone, in a gentle and beautiful way. And as she crouched for a little bit. I both saw and knew that she was in pain.

"Is it time for BB?" I asked, while I was still left with the laptop on the small wooden table.

She said something almost inaudible to me that I could not decipher and crouched even more, bent forward in pain. I stood up quickly, went up to her and took her because she would not fall to the floor. I led her to the foot of the double bed and laid her gently down on the side, while I'm in my head started to look for the phone to BB.

As I stood there at the foot of the bed, in front of the baby's bed that I and Dessan had put in order so nice and made Marie lie across our bed, I managed to not look for any phone number in my memory for so many seconds until Marie suddenly began to rattle strongly with a nasty gurgling and bubbling sounds. I did not really know what I would do, but instinctively I thought it was best to put her up on the bed. I bent forward, grabbed her and put her up. Then she slid down from the foot of the bed to the floor while I was still holding her in my arms.

I did not understand it then, but where Marie died in my arms. The last thing she said was my name, since she died in my arms.

The family Åberg

On the night of December 22, the night with the most dark hours in 2008, suffers Christer Åberg The longest night of his life, when he was a very traumatic and unexpected loses half his family.

A true story of the unimaginable losses and to win it all.

Many people have heard of and witnessed how strongly concerned they have been when they read the book, the longest night. One person wrote to me:

"What a nice book you have written. When I started reading it I could not stop. I was so touched."

The longest night

On the night of December 22, the night with the most dark hours in 2008, suffers Christer Åberg his life's longest and darkest night, when he was a very traumatic and unexpected loses half his family.

We follow one man's unwavering faith, and his faith and trust in God's guidance and care when the unthinkable happens and suddenly his world split.

The book is also a hot narrated love story about Christer Åberg's search for God, his desire for life-long love and his dream of one day finally feel truly loved and desired.


pages 132-133

The first time was horrible. I lived in a big shock and did not know how to handle the situation, nor did I know how I would deal with my daughter who just cried and cried and cried ...

I had done exactly what the priest had advised me to when I was asked what I would say to Dessan:

"Tell me exactly as it is. You can not protect children from reality."

So I told Dessan that mom was dead, that she was in heaven with Jesus and would never come home again. When a child in kindergarten later asked her where her mother was, she replied:

"She is dead and is with Jesus in heaven."

But now just cried and she cried. She was inconsolable and I did not know what I would do with myself. I went into the room with Dessan in my arms. She cried and lay with his face against my shoulder.

"Shall I sing something for you?" I asked her.

"Yes," she replied with a pitiful child's voice.

I knew Dessan liked the nice singing Alleluia you live in me. She used to always wish that when I asked her if I could sing anything. She called it not for Alleluia you live in me, but she always said, "praise you." As soon as she used to say "praise you" I knew right away what song she meant. I found myself on the song. It suited both for adults and children.

What should I sing? "I asked Dessan, convinced that she wanted me to sing just that song.

But to my surprise, said Dessan crying completed:


The spider? Itsy Bitsy Spider? "It's not even a Christian song. But I sang it for my daughter, while I was with her in my arms Ivar large apartment.

Itsy Bitsy Spider
climb trå'n.
Down came the rain
wash the spider out.
Up came the sun
dry up all the rain.
Itsy Bitsy Spider
climb up again.

This was quite a sermon to me. When I sang the song so painted the incident with the spider in my mind. I saw how he struggled to climb up the thread. But suddenly the disaster. The rain came and washed away the spider. But then came the miracle - the miracle! The sun rose and dried up all the rain so the spider took courage, and could begin to climb again.

Similarly, the Dessan and I suffered from the disaster, but the sun, Jesus gets up and gives us new courage, so that with the new strong hold again to climb back up.

After I had sung this song cried Dessan no longer.

The longest night of Christer Åberg


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150 SEK / each

3 books: 300 SEK

Free Shipping!

Swisha: 070 935 66 96

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The book took ten months to write, but it is very easy to read and is suitable for both young and older people, and also as a gift or evangelisationsbok !

About Christer Åberg

Christer Åberg live in Meadow, near Nässjö with her daughter Desiré. For many years he has run one of the largest private blog siteswww.apg29.nu . He also works as an evangelist and involved with singing, music and preaching at meetings around the country.

The book is published on Semnos publishers.

Read also:

I feel emotionally well today, but the events of the longest night will always come with me. But as I also wrote in the book: Without Jesus, I would never have made it.

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Dagens ord

Vecka 03, torsdag 17 januari 2019 kl. 03:13

Jesus söker: Anton, Tony!

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Jesus, jag tar emot dig nu och bekänner dig som min Herre och Frälsare. Jag tror att Gud har uppväckt dig från de döda. Jag ber om förlåtelse för alla mina synder. Tack att jag nu är frälst. Tack att du har förlåtit mig och tack att jag nu är ett Guds barn. Amen.

Tog du emot Jesus i bönen här ovan?
» Ja!

Så älskade Gud världen att han utgav sin enfödde Son, för att var och en som tror på honom inte ska gå förlorad utan ha evigt liv. - Joh 3:16

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Tio år sedan min fru Marie och vår son Joel dog

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Ten years ago my wife Marie and our son Joel died

Ten years ago, on December 21 killed my wife just before 12 o'clock at night and our nyförlöste son Joel died since half past four in the morning of 22 December.


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Christer Åberg och dottern Desiré.

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